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Fastline Performance Shifter


Fast Line Performance Shifter kit
EK B/D series $300 pick up , $310 shipped
EG/DC2 B/D series $300 pick up , $310 shipped

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Additional feature :
*Precision CNC-machined steel construction, with quality TIG welds and durable black coating for stock appearance
*Shifter is placed in the optimal position - right next to the steering wheel for maximum steering control and minimum shifting time
*Handle adjusts to compensate for smaller diamater racing steering wheels
*Delivers crisp, accurate shifts with no sloppiness, annoying vibrations, rattles, or notchiness
*Counter-weighted design provides optimal balance of shifter and linkage, providing super smooth shifting with minimal effort
*Retains the same identical throw as stock (not shorter, not longer) so it won't risk transmission damage like short shifters
*Delrin linkage bushings won't deteriorate, deflect, or deform
*Designed to work with stock shift knob, interior, and shift boot
*Includes new OEM Honda pivot bushing, stainless steel hardware, detailed installation instructions

"Many people fall into two bad habits on the street when shifting. First, "Hollywood" has taught everyone that it looks cool to always leave your right hand on the shift knob. Wrong! You may as well tie your hand behind your back as leave it on the shift knob. Your hand belongs on the steering wheel--always. When you need to shift--shift, and get your hand back on the wheel. Don't even rest it on the shifter for a few seconds ahead of time to "get ready." Every time your hand leaves the steering wheel you've given up 50% of the tactile feedback you have from your hands, and 50% of your capability to control the car. If you're racing with other cars around you, you never know when you may get tapped. Even when racing alone, mechanical failure may cause handling trouble. You'll want both hands on the wheel when that happens.

The problem with short shifters:
1. The aftermarket wants you to believe that the solution to the problem is shifting faster. 'Short shifters' do this by decreasing the shift throw, allowing you to feel like you are shifting faster. In reality, the transmission regulates how fast you can shift, not the shifter. Shifting too fast causes synchro wear ('crunching' between shifts), and forcing the shifter into gear (easy to do on short shifters) bends or breaks the shift forks inside the transmission.
2. 'Short shifters' are all shorter (height wise) than the stock shifter. While this may look 'cool' or give the illusion of 'performance', it is the furthest thing from the truth. The stock shifter is too far away from the steering wheel to provide proper shifting and steering techniques in the first place. So the worst thing to do is move the shifter even farther away from the steering wheel (with a shorter shifter).
3. Most all short shifters are made of aluminum. Aluminum is inexpensive and easy to manufacture, but it is soft and easily broken. There are many cases where even expensive short shifters from reputable companies shear off during shifts, in some cases causing over revving and engine damage.
Steel is a better material due to its strength, and won't shear like aluminum short shifters. But steel short shifters still suffer the same basic design flaws as aluminum ones.
4. The other problem with aluminum is weight. Due to their lightness, aluminum short shifters transfer engine and transmission vibration directly to the driver. The stock shifter is made of steel, so its weight helps dampen the annoying vibrations and rattling expected with aluminum short shifters. A few steel short shifters are available, but again, all short shifters suffer the same basic design flaws.

5. Aluminum short shifters upset the counterbalance of the shift linkage. The shifter is connected to the transmission via the shift linkage, so when you shift you are moving both the shifter and the linkage. The stock shifter feels so smooth because its steel construction provides increased weight to counterbalance the weight of the linkage. Aluminum short shifters feel much worse because the weight balance of the shifter and the linkage has been upset. Shifting is now 'bottom-heavy' with a lighter shifter moving a heavier linkage.
6. Short shifters feel notchy, due to a combination of factors (weight, drastically shorter throw, etc). But another reason is the linkage bearings. Most short shifters use the same linkage bearings - metal 'roller blade' bearings that make shifts feel notchy and rough. Shift feel worsens as the bearings wear. The stock shifter uses rubber bushings that help dampen vibrations, but the rubber deforms easily and deteriorates quickly, making shifting very sloppy.

Better control starts with a better shifter:
The problems outlined help explain why many people remove their aftermarket short shifter after breaking them or being unhappy with their performance (or lack of). Most opt just to keep their stock shifter to begin with because of the notchiness and rattling attributed with short shifters.

The stock shifter has an excellent feel and throw, and does not cause transmission damage, but due to its height does not allow your hands to stay on the steering wheel as much as possible. Besides wasting time with every reach for the shifter, you also sacrifice vehicle control on the street and track (where it matters the most).
You do not need a short shifter to shift faster - the stock shifter throw is fast enough (too fast sometimes). And you certainly don't need to reduce steering control with a shorter shifter (height wise).
What you need is a better shifter.

Over 2 years in development, the FLP Road Race Performance Shifter provides just that - better shifting. Designed from scratch to be the best shifter possible, it is designed with features unlike any other aftermarket shifter available. From the ergonomic design that just falls into your hands, to the very first ultra-smooth shift, it is clear that this is not just another short shifter. In fact, this shifter was designed specifically to maintain the exact same ratio as the stock shifter. The shifter certainly does not look stock, but the shift feel and throw is 100% like the stock shifter.

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