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Hardrace Suspension
02-11-11, 06:14 PM
Brief Introduction

HARDRACE Suspension was founded in 1998, specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing reinforced chassis parts for racing and street car. Enthusiasm of high speed and precise control lead us to the area of reinforced chassis parts. Stand on the passion of innovation and insistence of quality, we provide the finest products to our customers by using the latest raw material and technology from harden bushings to anti-dust pillow ball suspension arms. Professional driver tests all of our new products at the track under extreme condition. According to their feedback, we response to feedbacks and make necessary modifications until it is 100% safe to use on the road and provide superb performance to our customers.

Reinforced Rubber Bushing
-Hardness is 150% higher than OE rubber bushings.
-Solid steering response and driving suspension feel.
-Resist side inclined while cornering at high speed maneuvers.
-Made with high strength and anti-crack rubber material.
-Viscosity between rubber and metal is about 2000KGS.

Anti-Dust Pillow Ball Bushing
-Handling control and responsive steering is superior than harden rubber bush.
-Excellent driver feedback, precise control and solid suspension feel.
-Inner bushing is made accurately with both high molecule plastic tube and specific metal alloy.
-High Durability and reliability.
-Outer bushing is combined by TPV material anti-dust boot, 100% resistant from dust, water and oil, extend the life of the bushing.

Upgraded Suspension (Camber Kits)
-Stage I / Street Racing (Reinforced Rubber Bushing)
-Stage II / Drifting (Anti-Dust Pillow Ball Bushing)
-Control arm is made by high density steel.
-Collocation with hardened rubber bushing (street racing) or anti-dust pillow ball bushing (drifting).
-Provide advanced stability during high speed driving or hard cornering.
-Immediately response from driver's steering control under acceleration.
-Adjustable links are assembled with WAVE WASHERS between nuts and bolts, which enable both nuts harder, so it won't come loosen during hard driving conditions.

Reinforced Engine Mount
-Harden rubber mounts create more strength than OEM rubber mounts and superior longevity.
-Instant feedback from engine acceleration.
-Reduce engine movement significantly.
-Provide the maximum output under engine acceleration.
-Compound with high anti-vibration and durometer rubber material.

Reinforced Steering & Stabilizer Kits
-Made of state of art material THERMOPLASTIC, unlike polyurethane material which will become hard and brittle over time
-Resistant to oil, alkali and ozone, self-lubricating, resilient, high strength and hardness.
-Combining the benefits of two key materials: strength from plastic and compression from rubber.
-Withstand severe weather conditions, and will not brittle, crack or discolor with age.
-Temperature range: -40C ~ 100C.
-Crack or brittle from OE rubber or polyurethane bushes is solved by THERMOPLASTIC.

Reinforced Stabilizer/Sway bar Endlinks
-Precision assembly production enables spheroid, self-lubricating plastic bearing and bracket has a tight joint, provides consistence quality and longer life.

Hardrace Suspension
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You can now purchase all hardrace products online !


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One question, do you sell suspension tops to suit R33/R34 Skylines?