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Justin Fox
23-11-11, 12:27 PM


6900 G-Shock and Illest collaboration watch featuring a distinct tiffany and safari colourway, indigo logo glow and it comes in a crazy trunk protection box.

There's only 1000 of these produced and we've only got 5 of them so add this to your cart to pre-order yours today (we're expecting them to be in stock by mid December).

$260 inclusive of shipping Australia wide, $245 in shop (pick-up!).

Click here for more images: http://zengarage.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=66

Zen Garage
7/99 Moore Street Leichhardt Sydney
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5.
Visit: http://zengarage.com.au

Justin Fox
23-11-11, 11:14 PM
1 sold, 4 left!!!

Justin Fox
24-11-11, 09:09 AM
Another one sold! 3 left!

This watch is going to be highly sought after in the future for a few reasons.

A) There's only 1000 units world wide.
B) It's most likely going to be the first of a few collabs with Illest and G-Shock.
C) Due to legalities, from next season onwards the "Titleist" Illest logotype design will never be used again which instantly makes everything with this Illest logotype design quite desirable.

The Japanese will go crazy for this watch. I expect Japan to take a lot of the 1000 units!

24-11-11, 10:33 AM
nice watch on a side note im curious to hear more about the dropping of the logo.... did whats his face comapny with the rights to the font finally complain?

24-11-11, 10:46 AM
Yeah that's very interesting, would love to hear more. Wonder if something similar will happen with their winged "F" logo which takes inspiration from Cinelli.

Justin Fox
24-11-11, 11:38 AM
I think I've already said too much guys, inside info and I could get in trouble for even mentioning it!!!

PS: ALL WATCHES PRE-SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24-11-11, 12:26 PM
Any other distributers in aus that your aware of justin?

24-11-11, 12:32 PM
Just go and pre-order from Fatlace?

Justin Fox
24-11-11, 12:47 PM
Yes you can of-course pre-order from Fatlace. I have heard about a distributor starting up in Melbourne. With these watches there's a limit to 10 watches allocated per shop. We're desperately trying to get hold of another 5!

24-11-11, 02:09 PM
No powizzle, ive orderes already through zen i was just curious

Justin Fox
25-11-11, 12:16 PM
Just confirming that we have managed to get 5 more watches, that's all we can have as it's 10 units max allocated to each store world wide. The last 5 watches have been added to our online shop, first in first served (it will not let you purchase a watch if they're all gone as our cart deducts stock automatically).

Visit: http://zengarage.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=66

Justin Fox
25-11-11, 03:31 PM
One more sold. 4 left!

Justin Fox
25-11-11, 03:43 PM
Another one sold! 3 left!

25-11-11, 06:03 PM
another gone! geeeeeeeeed

Justin Fox
27-11-11, 12:01 PM

29-11-11, 10:15 AM
i was so tempted to get this watch from fatlace...let me know if u get anymore!!

Justin Fox
13-01-12, 03:24 PM
Watches are finally here!!! They will be sent out Monday! Thanks for being super patient guys! :)