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  1. buddyclub coilover @ $1599 (in store only)
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  3. HID kit $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. full aluminum radiator + radiator hose kit new arrival!!!
  6. UNIVERSAL FULL ALUMINUM INTERCOOLER (different size available)
  7. Alumium Intercooler Piping Kit
  8. Oil Cooler and Relocation Kits Only $280
  9. buddyclub extended ball joint
  10. buddyclub racing nuts
  11. buddyclub australia stock CRAZY deal!!!
  12. End Year Special by 999Automotive, Stunning Price Only in November!
  13. ****SOLD Cusco 2 way Type RS lsd for R32 (fits R200 housing).
  14. Brand New bolt on turbos and coolant lines for various applications
  15. Buddy Club Super Low Seat Rails for s13/14/15, EP3, R34, FD civic CHEAP!
  16. Buddy Club Exhausts for S2000, GC8, Fit/jazz
  17. Intercooler full kits!
  18. Water hose temp adapters: get your temp gauge set up right!
  19. Wheel nut SPECIALS! PMU &DGR
  20. PRICE DROP on Limited Edition Buddy Club bucket seats
  21. Manifold BLOWOUT SALE!
  22. S chassis Aluminum Radiator sale
  23. Brake Pad Sale only $100 for Buddy Club Type S
  24. Wheel Spacers!
  25. Steering Wheel Quick Release
  27. Cooling Parts Specials! pwr steering/oil/water etc...
  28. Fuel pumps
  29. NEW 2 way rear diff for GC8/GDB/GRB $1400 obo
  30. Top Fuel products on CLEARANCE!
  31. Buddy Club Cams for Honda K20 and and B16
  32. Last set of Toms lowering springs for GC8 on special!
  33. Massive Wheel Clearance
  34. TURBOS!
  35. Espelir lowering springs for AE86 last set on super special ********
  36. Adjustable Suspension Arm Deals!
  37. Tomei M7960 turbo kit for evo 4-9
  38. Spare buddy club top hats for coilovers
  39. Custom built button clutches and flywheels for SR20 and RB
  41. Cusco 1.5 way diff for DC5
  42. Facebook Update!
  43. Sprint Booster Specials! RX8 MX5 Liberty S2000 Civic 86 etc...
  44. Savage Impul RS wheels
  45. SR20det lightweight crank pulleys
  46. s15 and DC5 coilovers on special!
  47. Cusco Coils for JZX90/100
  48. Silvers Coilover Special only $1100 per set!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Cusco Castor rods for s14/s15/ECR33/ER34
  51. Whiteline Subframe - mount bushing for s and r chassis
  52. Cusco Zero 2E for HCR32 Skyline GTS for $2000
  53. Top Fuel Products on SALE!
  54. Oil cooler kit deals
  55. WHITELINE rear Sway bar - 22mm adjustable for s14,15 R33/34
  56. DBA rotor special for s14/15 and R32
  57. New retail shop is OPEN! 444 Hume Highway Yagoona NSW
  58. New stock of aluminum radiators just arrived! Suby Mazda Toyota Honda
  59. Distributor for: DBA, Whiteline, Cusco, Turbosmart, and many more
  60. Cusco Stock ready to send! Name your offer!!
  61. Summer cooling Specials xxx hot!
  62. Rare Skyline Part Specials!
  63. Deep dish steering wheel, boss kit, and quick release combo special for Nissan
  64. Bullet HD video cameras now available!
  65. Koya Wheels!
  66. Amazing Impul Wheels
  67. January turbo special! Next 2 weeks only
  68. Turbo beenies/blankets and heat wrap on special!
  69. Cusco Oil catch can 2 liter
  70. D-max bonnets for s13 silvia frp and carbon
  71. Pair of S14/15 rear DBA slotted rotors on super discount!
  72. Pair of DBA slotted front rotors for Honda civic Type R FD2 rock bottom price
  73. Brand new SARD BOV Old School!
  74. 999 Yagoona New Reatil Shop Grand Opening SPECIALS!
  75. UPDATED Coilover clearance specials! s14/15, DC2/EG, EVO 7-9, EVO X, RX7 FC3S etc...
  76. Wheel Spacers and adapters!
  77. Full set of street series slotted DBA rotors for s13 turbo only $400!
  78. Single/PAIR Buddy Club wheels ONLY $50 - $75, spares, projects, mismatched pair
  79. DGR coilovers now available!
  80. DBA Rotor Clearance specials! Cheapest you will ever see these for a LIMITED time
  81. Feedback, Install Pics, and General Inquiries
  82. Silvers NeomaxCoilovers now IN STOCK!
  83. Brembo Brakes Availability - let us know what you would want!
  84. Cusco LSD oil and an other Cusco parts you need!
  85. Parts Shop Max steering angle spacers
  86. Cusco conatiner full of new FT86 parts has arrived!!
  87. Shift Knobs!
  88. Engine torque dampers
  89. Buddy Club GT Carbon Fiber Racing Wing
  90. TRD replica aero kit for 86
  91. Buddy Club Stock Clearance SPECIALS! - Something for everyone!
  92. CHEAP hi pressure radiator and oil caps!
  93. Cusco bars for JZX100/110 and IS200 Altezza SXE10/GXE10/AS200! In stock on sale
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  96. Pair Buddy Club Drift Spares 18x8.5 +30 5x114.3 Perfect for s and r chassis!
  97. NEW Adjustable control arms for s13/s14/15 from $330/pair
  98. Drift and Drag Wings SPECIAL $360 shipped! Chassis specific direct fit
  99. Custom wheels in custom colors available from Koya!
  100. DBA rotors for s13 on the CHEAP! ONLY $200/pair!
  101. DBA Rotor Specials tons of chassis options CLEARANCE PRICES!
  102. S and R chassis Solid Billet Subframe Collars
  103. GT86/BRZ full stainless exhaust and headers special!
  104. Cast top mount turbo manifold for sr20
  105. RB30 top mount turbo manifold
  106. K20 intake plenum NEW
  107. RB26 Single turbo high mount manifold NEW
  108. B16/B18 intake plenum NEW
  109. Intercooler piping kit for Mazda MPS3 NEW
  110. Bolt in around dash roll cages for s13/R33
  111. Bride seats available!
  112. HKS Type 0 Turbo Timer
  113. End of Year Super Special Sale
  114. Holiday SPECIAL Kinugawa turbo kits
  115. Hydraulic Handbrakes only $150
  116. Clutch deals!
  117. Cabron Fiber Bonnet for R32 (GTR type)
  120. Walbro fuel pump SPECIAL
  121. Whiteline Sway bar and strut brace stock clearance. CHEAP!
  122. Project Mu Specials
  123. Coilover SPECIAL MADNESS
  124. New stock for BRZ/GT86 exhaust!
  125. New stock for Subaru GDB and GRB dump pipes! Amazing quality
  126. Custom built turbos now available in specs you choose
  127. Silver's coilover SPECIAL! $1400 INSTALLED + ALIGNED!
  128. Buddy Club Wheel clearance MAKE AN OFFER!
  129. Deep dish steering wheels
  130. HKS turbos for Subaru
  131. 5x100 - 5x114.3 wheel spacer adapters
  132. DBA Brakes Specials - Killer deals for end of financial year
  133. KLS turbo SPECIAL!
  134. New Semi-Forged Wheels Available
  135. EXZESS Brake Kits now available!
  136. New KLS inlet silicone kit for 86/BRZ
  137. 999 x KLS lucky draw - Top prize is coilovers > turbo > vehicle service
  138. Complete Top Fuel Turbo kit 1 x Honda B16/18 1 x Honda GD Jazz/Fit
  139. New Stock Adjustable Suspension Arms S Chassis and R Chassis
  140. Tomei Titanium Exhaust for 86/BRZ $1399+shipping
  141. Tomei UEL headers for 86/BRZ
  142. Turbo Sale! Holiday Special pricing on all stock
  143. Project Mu Rotor Clearance!
  144. New carbon intake for 86/BRZ only $249.99+
  145. Exhaust + Install + Tune Special 86/BRZ
  146. 6 Point Roll Cages S13 S14 S15 R32 R33 BRZ 86 $600
  147. Cusco Coilovr Special All Cars!
  148. Invidia Exhaust Evo 86 BRZ WRX Liberty RX8 350Z 370Z CL9 EP3
  149. Rare 18" Impul Wheels 5x114.3 SALE
  150. Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ Brake Package Specialts Project Mu and DBA