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  1. The Tuners Group Becomes Official Sponsor Of JDM Style Forum
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  5. How To Select A Steering Quick Release & How The Works Bell Rapfix II is made
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  16. Does anyone here work in ad sales / sponsorship / sports marketing ?
  17. Aussie $ exchange rate & effects on JDM parts prices
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  19. JDM Parts on an Aussie V8 Supercar :)
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  21. Works Bell Paddle Shifter For Nissans with factory steering wheel
  22. The Tuners Group Appointed Official Supplier For Ecliptech Shift-I Shift Lights
  23. The Tuners Group Appointed Official Supplier For AP Racing Brakes & Clutches
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  30. Team Orange - best use of Gaffer Tape I've ever seen :)
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  33. Announcing The Tuners Group's pre-xmas "Save A Truckload" Sale!
  34. Too cool - photos of Toshiki Yoshioka making his own shiftknob
  35. Man granted patent for "circular transportation facilitation device" AKA "The Wheel"
  36. The Tuners Group announces new product manufacturing plans for 2009
  37. RUF CTR3
  38. Busting the "shortshifters cause excess synchro wear" myth
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  40. Wild steering setup - motorcycle handlebars on a car
  41. The Tuners Group now able to supply Porsche Motorsport Department brake components
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  47. Nasty Porsche fire in Melbourne
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  64. Hardcore racing parts - 1960's style
  65. Syms Shift Knobs now available
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  68. Brand new versions of Works Bell Rapfix II announced
  69. 24 Hours Of Le Mans on TV This Weekend
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  71. Mike Whiddett vs Tanner Foust Video
  72. New Ebisu tour video and article
  73. New detailing and machining cleanup tool from Japan
  74. The Tuners Group Appointed As An Official Dealer For Project Mu
  75. Brand new Works Bell Quick Release - The Rapfix QRS
  76. Project Mu Billet Racing 6 Piston Big Brake Kits Now Available
  77. Top Secret R35 Prototype rendering
  78. New project car - Anyone know their BMW E36 3 Series?
  79. Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheels Now Available - The Tuners Group Australia
  80. Project Mu Racing Floating Nut Wheel Nuts & Super Lock Nut7 Wheel Nuts Now Available
  81. Project Mu G-Four 335 G/Four 335 Brake Fluid Now Available
  82. Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO Kits On Sale
  83. The ultimate sleeper
  84. Project Mu Nissan GT-R R35 Replacement Brake Disks Rotors Now Available
  85. Redbull Formula One F1 Factory Tour Video
  86. Brand New Works Bell Original Steering Wheel Released (330mm with Blue Stitching)
  87. A Great New Website - Motorsport Retro
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  89. R35 GT-R Nissan Skyline Project Mu Brake Pads Now Available Ns B-spec Hc+
  90. The Passing Of A True Friend
  91. R35 GT-R GTR Nissan Skyline Project Mu H16-03 Racing Brake Pads
  92. Nissan Silvia S12, S13, S14 and S15 Works Bell Short Steering Wheel Boss Kit Hubs
  93. Announcing the BRM21 High Power Accelerator Controller (HAC) - New from Japan
  94. Videos - Loaded Supercharged E46 BMW M3 - Nurbugring lap record for street cars
  95. HKS Now Available From The Tuners Group - Genuine HKS with HKS Factory Warranty
  96. International Vehicle Integrity Centre (IVIC) opens in Sydney
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  98. Retro Video: Peter Brock at Bathurst ... in the rain ... on slicks
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  101. Momo 19x8 Inch Wheels - Just AU$449 per wheel
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  104. Website back online after move - check out our new products and products on sale
  105. 2009 V8 Supercar Bathurst 1000 roundup article and videos
  106. OMP Seats (fibreglass and carbon fibre) now available from The Tuners Group
  107. Toshiki Yoshioka's Lexus SC430 and AE86, & Yoshioka Works Bell Collaboration Products
  108. 2 x VERY special 2.5kg Recaro Profi SPA seats available
  109. ANNOUNCEMENT: The Tuners Group appointed as a factory authorised supplier for ARC
  110. Rays Engineering Volk Racing & Gram Lights Wheels On Sale
  111. The Tuners Group's 2009 SEMA Wrap-Up Article
  112. The Tuners Group Appointed As Authorised BBS Wheels Dealer - Road and Racing Wheels
  113. BBS LM LeMans Le Mans Forged Wheels Now Available In Australia From The Tuners Group
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  115. Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release On Sale - Below Japanese prices
  116. Build Photos of Kumakubo's Team Orange Evo X
  117. Post On Twitter
  118. Toyota Aristo JZS145 S145 JZS147 S147 Works Bell Paddle Shifter Bundles Now Available
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  120. An Awesome Example Of High End JDM Design, Quality & Innovation
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  122. Toyota Corolla Sprinter Levin Trueno and AE86 steering wheel boss kit hubs available
  123. The true meaning of JDM
  124. BBS Super RS Forged Wheels Rims now available in Australia from The Tuners Group
  125. BBS RE RE-Mg ACQ Magnesium Wheels Rims available in Australia from The Tuners Group
  126. BBS RE ACQ Forged Wheels Rims now available in Australia from The Tuners Group
  127. MoTec fuel test report
  128. ON SALE: Ecliptech Shift-I Sequential Shift Light
  129. Can A Porsche Be JDM ? Yes, yes it can :)
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  131. Some Japanese S2000's and Mini's
  132. Volk Racing TE37 Wheels Rims Australia Rays Engineering
  133. New Volk Racing TE37V 15" Rims Wheels Available in March
  134. ARC Super Induction Box airboxes On Sale Australia
  135. Volk Racing TE37 PORSCHE & TE37 PORSCHE TUV Rims Wheels Australia Rays Engineering
  136. Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 Photos
  137. New Paddle Shifter Kits For BMW E46 E90 3 Series SMG Steptronic Available Works Bell
  138. New Paddle Shifter Kits For Porsche 911 993, 996, 986 Boxster Tiptronic Works Bell
  139. New Project Car - 0-100 in 3.67 seconds
  140. 1000 mph - the Bloodhound SSC
  141. Molnar Hoists now available in Australia from The Tuners Group
  142. ERL Aquamist Water Injection Systems Now Available In Australia From The Tuners Group
  143. Engine Cooling Taken Seriously - Hyundai WRC Car's Cooling System
  144. The Tuners Group Announces Sponsorship Of Advan Hi Octane Racing R34 GT-R
  145. JRZ Suspension Now Available In Australia From The Tuners Group
  146. JRZ Suspension Kits for Nissan R35 GTR GT-R - The Tuners Group Australia
  147. Testing for World Time Attack with Mark Berry's Advan / Hi Octane Racing R34 GT-R
  148. The Tuners Group Wins 2009 Constant Contact All Star Award For TunerWire Newsletter
  149. R35 GT-R smashes Eastern Creek class 4D lap record
  150. For Sale: The Perfect Weekend Car
  151. The Tuners Group now authorised dealer for Endless brakes - now available Australia
  152. Endless Competition / Racing Brake Pads Overview - The Tuners Group Australia
  153. Toshiki Yoshioka To Compete In Sydney - Drift Section Of World Time Attack Challenge
  154. Last chance to purchase Works Bell Team Orange & Yoshioka Collaboration Products
  155. Brand New Works Bell Products Released ! Rapfix Racing Quick Release Bolt On Version
  156. The Tuners Group Announces Sponsorship Of R35 GT-R For World Time Attack Challenge
  157. Our Activities At World Time Attack Challenge / Superlap This Weekend
  158. Gibson Racing Wheels now available from The Tuners Group
  159. Looking for photos of Mark Berry R34 and Tomaszewski R35 from Superlap
  160. New on DVD - Porsche 935 Moby And The Warhorse Gang
  161. New Tech Article: What does "dry carbon fibre" mean ?
  162. Porsche 986 Boxster Tiptronic With Detachable Paddle Shifter & Steering Wheel
  163. The Tuners Group Announces Racecar Engineering & Development Team
  164. Want to be able to run two different steering wheels in your car ?
  165. The R35's Blitzed Eastern Creek Today !
  166. Works Bell Suzuki Swift / Cultus / Swift Sport Steering Boss Kit Hubs Now Available
  167. Works Bell Paddle Shifter For Honda Fit Jazz GE8 Now Available From The Tuners Group
  168. New Tech Article About Light Weight High Strength Gibson Racing Wheels
  169. New Tech Article: Racecar Aerodynamics & How Aero Can Improve Your Laptimes
  170. A great weekend of race results
  171. Rays Co. Ltd. Publishes Press Release titled "CAUTION: RAYS REPLICA - DURA NUTS"
  172. JRZ Suspension now available for Nissan Silvia 180SX 200SX 240SX S13 S14 S15
  173. Works Bell Paddle Shifter for Nissan Stagea Now Available
  174. Last 3 units of discontinued Works Bell Yoshioka ToshiKing Steering Wheel
  175. ANNOUNCEMENT: Works Bell Quick Releases Price Drop, Short Boss + Paddle Shifter Match
  176. Convert your H Pattern to Sequential - SSS Drive Sequential Shifting System
  177. The Incredible ASM Carbon Business Card Holder now available from The Tuners Group
  178. New Article: Is a 1.28.xx at The 2011 World Time Attack Challenge Possible ?
  179. New Orange Works Bell Rapfix II Replaces Team Orange Collaboration Quick Release
  180. DJ Engineering Wings Designed By Simon McBeath Now Available From The Tuners Group
  181. Mark Berry reveals 2011 development overview for Yokohama Advan Hi Octane R34 GT-R
  182. Nardi Classic Steering Wheels & Sport Type A Are Now Available From The Tuners Group
  183. Fast Fours Magazine DIY Fitment Article - Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release
  184. How knockoffs affect innovation - development of aftermarket parts for 2012 R35
  185. Works Bell Rapfix Racing Quick Release Demo Videos
  186. The Tuners Group wins Constant Contact All Star Award for second year in a row
  187. The Tuners Group sponsored Pilatus R35 GT-R wins the Mt Alma Mile Hillclimb (video)
  188. New York Times article titled: "Yale Student Killed as Hair Gets Caught in Lathe"
  189. Video of fireball crash in V8 Supercars shows importance of proper fire safety gear
  190. The Tuners Group's RSS blog feed now available again
  191. NEW ARTICLE WITH VIDEO - Tough As Nails - The Alex Zanardi Story
  192. KAPS Transmissions R4 Sequential 6 Speed Gearbox and Full Sequential Gearbox
  193. Price drop on Works Bell Rapfix II Steering Wheel Quick Release
  194. Mark Berry & F1 designer choose DJ Engineering Wing from The Tuners Group for R34
  195. ON SALE: Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Releases way below full Japanese retail prices
  196. Works Bell Team Orange Steering Wheel & Shift Knob on eBay + other parts