View Full Version : [film] Live Free... or DIE HARD.

16-12-06, 04:17 PM
This'll be sweet. There's never been a bad Die Hard movie, so it's therefore impossible for there to ever be one ever. They can pretty much just keep on makin' them.

Plus it's got that dude from the "Hi I'm a Mac" Apple ad!


16-12-06, 04:38 PM
That guy from the Mac ads is a douche.

16-12-06, 04:48 PM
There hasnt been a full blown all out action movie like this for quite a few years .... the last 'lot' that were at the boxoffice in this category that i can think of were Nick Cage movies of the late 90s / ealy 2000s ..... Con Air, Face Off, etc. Mission Imposible dont count cos it wasnt your typical bad ass american cop with attitude here to save the day. I'm suprised they never ended up making Lethal Weapon 5 -- maybe Danny Glover DID finally get too old for that shit.

16-12-06, 08:39 PM
hmm Crank was pretty good....a bit corny in some parts....Amy Smart played such a ditsy gf in that movie......but yeah other than that I think it was pretty cool...

But yeah another Die Hard movie would be good :)

16-12-06, 10:13 PM
Oh, and the trailer in the first link sucked massively. lol ... Didnt really show much!

17-12-06, 11:16 AM
DH2 was pretty average..

but 3 was ok.

looking forward to it..
comes out the same day as transformers.

18-12-06, 08:55 AM
gotta love the DH series. I loved 3!