View Full Version : For SWAPES: 2 x Boston subs in pre built box, oh and other stuff

19-12-06, 02:11 PM
hey guys just wondering if anyone interested in 2 x 12" boston subs in pre built box
i donno the specs but their stuff from america that's a few years old

was working fine when i took them out a few months ago

they dont fit in my s15 so i'm willing to swape it for someone's 1x12" sub in prebuilt box OF QUALITY cause i know these are, + maybe a tiny bit of cash my way or not, depending on what it is i guess since i'm in need of one sub only

willing to swape for spilts or amps or cash or s15 parts i guess
just chuck offers my way

will post pics later tonite

also have other stuff in garage going

DC2 - car bra (USED) $80
Shift lamp + buzz (NEW) $80
BMW E46 sedan - black front grill (NEW) $100
BMW E46 sedan - rear 3 pcs AC boot lip (NEW) $150
BMW E46 sedan - rear roof spoiler (NEW) $150
Stock jap spec S15 engine mount, one side is fine, one side is leaking (USED) $50

me in sydney !! pick up only

[email protected]

22-12-06, 12:04 AM
hahah i have no idea what specs the subs r

i know it was brought and MADE in america cause it was my frd's sister's ex-bf's stuff LOL so i know where it came from but donno the specs

i can get a picture but all u will see is black boston 12".
wanna come and test it out or have a look for urself
it's in a sealed box so, with me not knowin too much about audio.....

22-12-06, 12:10 AM
pics/moreinfo on the shift lamp

22-12-06, 12:12 AM
what's ur email. i'll send u a pic of the shift lamp ???