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06-08-08, 06:10 PM
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As many of you know, we were recently appointed the Exclusive Australian distributor for Works Bell.


Works Bell sponsors and works very closely with Japanese driver Toshiki Yoshioka of Team Droo-p.

So we were stoked to get news of Yoshioka's win at Las Vegas, in only his second Formula D event in the US ever !

In his first Formula D event he beat another Works Bell driver, Nobushige Kumakubo of team Orange to win that event. In the latest Las Vegas event he's wiped the floor and won the entire event in his AE86, which has gotten the Americans amazed at the speed of the AE86.

Article and photos

There is a great article about the event and photos of the action at ...


An excerpt from the article reads ...

Like I mentioned in a previous post, Yoshioka is notorious in Japan for speaking softly and carrying a big stick. He is somehow able to drive his 300 horsepower 20 valve 4AG powered AE86 to the limit, and even people with much higher horsepower cars can't keep up with him! Some of the Formula D drivers who tried matching Yoshioka's speed through the course actually ended up slamming into the wall! ...

Check out the flip side... when it was Yoshioka's turn to follow, he was following Dai so close that Yoshioka's front bumper kept almost touching the side of the GTO! Incredible... all the photographers standing on the sidelines with me kept saying "no effing way!!! No way!!! Damn, Yoshioka is the sh!t!!!!"

Hell yeah! AE86 owners around the world should be proud. Yoshioka is holding it down!

TV Footage

RiceBoyTV's footage of the event can be seen at


Works Bell Yoshioka ToshiKing Collaboration Products

Works Bell manufacturers a range of Yoshioka ToshiKing edition products in collaboration with Toshiki Yoshioka, including the Yoshioka edition of the Works Bell Rapfix II quick release, the Yoshioka Toshiking Steering Wheel, and the brand new Yoshioka ToshiKing shiftknob ...








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