View Full Version : Sneak peak at Series Two update...

29-10-08, 02:50 PM

4/5 shirts shown...aiming for a January release. Design's aren't final (eg. Japanese writing one) but are pretty close to production ready!

edit* ah screw it...last shirt not shown is hinted here:


Andy Wana
29-10-08, 03:09 PM
Hooray to "Jinba Ittai" Tee ... more Mazda love there!

29-10-08, 09:36 PM
Hooray to "Jinba Ittai" Tee ... more Mazda love there!

I don't get it :???:

Andy Wana
29-10-08, 11:01 PM
I don't get it :???:

Grey tee with white Japanese writing reads "Jinba Ittai" ...
Jinba ittai [人馬一体 - rider (jin) and horse (ba) as one (ittai)].
This comes the Japanese concept where the rider and horse must be as one in order for the rider to effectively deploy his weapons in battle.
This is the inspiration for the Mazda MX5.

Garth Ivers
30-10-08, 02:13 AM
i want the jinbai one
not because of the mx5, but because its a fucking cool concept!

30-10-08, 03:42 AM
Yeah, I'd be up for at least 3 of those Jinba Ittai shirts.

31-10-08, 01:46 PM
hmm..so that's one of 5 down :) any guesses for the other ones?

Andy Wana
31-10-08, 01:53 PM
Blue shirt - Deep Dish
OG - Original Gangsta
Yellow shirt - something along the lines of Drift/Race/Drag?
Fast Fours - can't tell much from the teaser ... a Merc maybe?

31-10-08, 02:43 PM
i think u spelt tires wrong did you mean tyres? or was it intended as a pun?

Andy Wana
31-10-08, 02:49 PM
i think u spelt tires wrong did you mean tyres? or was it intended as a pun?

Plural for tyre in US English is Tires

31-10-08, 04:27 PM
Not just plural, they spell the singular like that as well. Damn Webster and his stupid dictionary.

Great designs Kyo, keep it up!

22-12-08, 10:47 PM
keen for some of these new designs :D

22-01-09, 04:16 PM
FYI, all the shirts are in except for size L in the Miata shirt, so I'm not sure if I should wait for those to put the shirts up for sale :(

24-01-09, 02:18 AM
I don't wear American Size L's.

I'll buy some now if I can. :P