View Full Version : Works Bell Paddle Shifter For Nissans with factory steering wheel

07-11-08, 09:13 PM
Hi All,




We have just added the Works Bell Column Shifter paddle shifter to our catalog.

This paddleshifter can be used with factory Nissan steering wheels, so if you own a 350Z, Infiniti G35 or some models of Skyline V35, and you want a paddle shifter which you can use with your factory steering wheel, you're in luck.

It can also be used with aftermarket steering wheels of course, but no doubt those who have factory steering wheels are going to be most pleased about this product.

As it says on our site ...

Many Nissan Z33 / Infiniti G35 AT owners have expressed a desire to be able to shift via steering column paddles.

Unfortunately no option existed, up until now ...

Much to the elation of many Z33/G35 owners, Works Bell has developed a special paddle shifter kit for the Z33/G35 that can be used with the factory steering wheel (or an aftermarket steering wheel).

The paddle shifter kit is well known by many Z33/G35 users because it can operate the AT sports shift mode without ever releasing the steering wheel.

This kit was developed for those enthusiasts that want to combine the sporty feel of the factory steering wheel with an F1 style paddle shift feeling!

More info and pricing on the Works Bell Column Shifter paddle shifter can be found on our site at ...


- Adam