View Full Version : The Tuners Group Announces "The Enduro System"

20-11-08, 12:06 AM




Following strong demand from The Tuners Group's racing customers for a system of products to set up cars for multiple drivers in endurance events, we are pleased to announce The Enduro System.

In an endurance event with multiple drivers and driver changes, different drivers want to use their favourite steering wheel for their stints behind the wheel in enduros, and different drivers have different driving positions, due to factors that cannot be changed such as different driver heights and arm reach lengths etc.

In the past, your only option was to come up with a compromise - a compromise on which steering wheel to use, and a compromise on driving position.

But you end up with a driver position that is not correct for any of the drivers, and a frequently a steering wheel that only one driver likes.

Put any driver in a compromised, uncomfortable driving position, and the end result is always increased fatigue, and less driver endurance.

And anyone who has ever competed in an endurance race knows that as soon as you get fatigued, your concentration drops, lap times get slower, you lose ground against your opposition, and safety is compromised.

So we sat down and thought "there simply must be a better way", and set about solving the problem ...

Like most engineering problems, if you work hard enough, you eventually find an elegant solution.

The result is a package of products which we've nicknamed "The Enduro System".

Learn more about "The Enduro System" at ...


- Adam