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21-11-08, 12:28 AM
Hi All,

In case you missed it, last night ABC TV broadcast part one of a documentary about fakes and counterfeits called "Fakes".

It is available to view online, so we have posted links to the online video so anyone who missed it can watch it.

The "Fakes" documentary is an in depth look at the counterfeits trade, the people behind it, how they operate, and particularly shows that buying counterfeit products is definitely not the victimless crime that many manufacturers, importers and sellers of counterfeit, copied and knocked off products would like customers to think that it is.

The "Fakes" documentary showed some shocking examples of counterfeits of everything from Callaway golf clubs, to counterfeit breast cancer medication, to counterfeit condoms which are sold to people in Africa where AIDS is rife, and even counterfeit eggs - yes you read that right - fake eggs that are made from chemicals and cast in a mold.



The claims made in the video that some people in China think that counterfeiting goods in China is somehow justifiable as a form of "economic revenge" against legitimate businesses in Western countries who actually spend money innovating are an absolute disgrace.

If you counterfeit products, there is no justification for it - counterfeiting is simple theft. Period.

We missed the first few minutes of the Fakes documentary on the TV, so we were very pleased to see that it has been made available to view online by veoh.com

And most importantly, remember this documentary next time you are offerred parts for your car that are copies, knock offs or counterfeits.

When it comes to counterfeit car parts, there are no grey areas - you are either part of the problem, or part of the solution.

By only buying genuine parts from the original innovative manufacturers, and refusing to buy fakes, counterfeits or knock off parts, you become part of the solution.

You can find the links to watch the video online at ...

http://www.tunersgroup.com/TunerWire_Live/...iters_doco.html (http://www.tunersgroup.com/TunerWire_Live/counterfeiters_doco.html)

- Adam