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28-12-08, 10:44 PM
Hey guys, just after a bit of advice since I'm new to motorcycles.

I'm going to be looking at a used motorbike that is currently unregistered.

What kind of costs/fees are involved to register a bike that is unregistered? [Disregarding the cost of parts that need to be replaced/bought]

Is it similar to a registering a car by just getting a blueslip from an Authorised Inspection Station?

Bascially, I need to know the steps that need to be taken in order to obtain registration for a bike in NSW.

I've already had a look at the RTA website but I can only find the cost of registration renewal for motorcycles.

29-12-08, 10:19 AM
Yeah its pretty much the same as an unregistered car. You need to get a blue slip in order to register it. This can be obtained at Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Stations.

You also need to have the registration papers and have your CTP (green slip) paid for beforehand, before you can officially go RTA to register it.

Hope this helps.

29-12-08, 10:22 AM
Blue slip is approx ~30...

Taleb Tyres
29-12-08, 03:39 PM
you may have to get it inspected at an RTA site, higher chance when the bikes from interstate,

Its not a roadworthy inspection, its basically an identity check, they physically check the numbers on it, and go over it for any stolen parts(data dot).

You will be told if you have to do this when you get it rego'd(Its a random draw).(i just went through this process last week, luckily i didnt have to do the inspection as it costs a fair bit and is just another waste of time).

29-12-08, 08:49 PM
Thanks for the replies.

Once I see the bike, I'll decide whether or not it will be worth it.

If it isn't, then I'll look for a bike that is already registered.

30-12-08, 04:26 PM
I just helped a work mate go through this process, it's highly likely that you'll have to go over the "pits" which is nothing but a waste of time and money, but if you have the relevant papers you'll be fine.