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22-01-07, 03:28 PM
prior to my 18 month stint in the US i cared little about baseball or nfl, but how things change! i really like US sports now! particularly baseball, but nfl grew on me shortly after.

the bears and colts are meeting in the superbowl this year. the colts just won a nail biter in the last 2 mins of the game having never lead the game. peyton manning is a genius!!!

are there nfl fans here? lets organise a superbowl drink (any excuse really to get to the pub:)). i dont even know where you could watch the game in sydney?!?

22-01-07, 05:41 PM
Are you coming back franks?

22-01-07, 05:48 PM
Yeah i love sitting down watching the baseball, but its hard to keep up to date so i dont follow it as closely as some fanatics, but yeah the last 18 months, 2 years the NFL has grown on me, now that i have an idea of how the game is played.

Ill prolly stay at home and watch it i think its going to be broadcast on ESPN. Whereabouts you thinkin bout headin out for a drink anyway i could be compelled to come for a quiet 1 or 2..............or 6 or 7 :P

22-01-07, 05:49 PM
i am back! :)

4GColt: love watching baseball but love playing it more! actually. i tell i lie. ive only ever played softball haha. medium pitch and slow pitch...but its good enough ;)

ive made a terrible blunder. i'll be overseas from Feb 2nd which means i wont be able to watch it here! doh!!! ESPN though hey. i dont know where they'd broadcast it. it'd also be a Monday morning/afternoon here...

22-01-07, 06:10 PM
love watching baseball but love playing it more! actually. i tell i lie. ive only ever played softball haha. medium pitch and slow pitch...but its good enough ;)

I havent played either for about 6 yrs ( damn its been that long!!?!?!?! :O ) but yeah its all good to play but now im a watcher, i dont think i could get back into playing, if i run down the drive way im stuffed :P

22-01-07, 07:05 PM

Would of never picked anyone here to have any interest in Gridiron.. wooo!
Bears VS Colts.

I had the Saints to beat the Bears, but my god i was wrong. Groseman came out and threw a great game, While Urlacher and their D stepped it up huge against the running game of the Saints.
Happy to see Bears win cause i like Groseman, but would of liked to see New Orleans go all the way in a fairytale setting. Either way, its a GREAT improvement for them considering they were a mere 3 - 12 last year, and now only a game away for the Superbowl.

Colts VS Pats.. WOW. What a game. We finally get to see Manning in the Superbowl.. And what a game to do it, coming from 18 points down in the second half.. And a almost PERFECT drive in the 2minute warning of the 4th Quarter to take the lead and win the game. Not sure who i was actually going for in this game.. cause both teams have seemingly god like quarterbacks.. But meh, good to see Peyton get a shot in the Superbowl.

So, lets see if anyone has a clue about what i just wrote, lol.
BTW, while i thik about it - Does anyone here play Gridiron? Yes, i am talking about in Australia.. I ask cause there's alot of members here from Sydney and we have a good league here. I play for North Western Predators (www.predatorsgridiron.com).. If anyone wants to learn more about it, check out the League we play under, NSWGFL (www.nswgfl.org.au/).

22-01-07, 07:36 PM
i am back! :)

Sickk...can't wait to see what car you get ;) :D

22-01-07, 08:01 PM

Manning aint got shiiiit on Favre....... :P

*flame suit on :)

22-01-07, 10:21 PM
Would of never picked anyone here to have any interest in Gridiron.. wooo!
Bears VS Colts.

heh! were australian, were great at adopting things!!! :)

I had the Saints to beat the Bears, but my god i was wrong. Groseman came out and threw a great game, While Urlacher and their D stepped it up huge against the running game of the Saints.

good ole rex! yeah i had the bears to beat the saints because bears just dominate them in every department. 13 and 3 record for the season - they were always going to be hard to beat! plus, i think reggie bush is still finding his feet. i think the saints had a fairytale year as they are playing on alot of emotion given the whole tragic events of hurricane katrina tearing new orleans apart and whatnot?

Colts VS Pats.. WOW. What a game. We finally get to see Manning in the Superbowl.. And what a game to do it, coming from 18 points down in the second half.. And a almost PERFECT drive in the 2minute warning of the 4th Quarter to take the lead and win the game. Not sure who i was actually going for in this game.. cause both teams have seemingly god like quarterbacks.. But meh, good to see Peyton get a shot in the Superbowl.

wasnt it ever!!! OMG. where did you watch it? i could only watch it via the nfl.com site play by play and i was on the edge of my seat till the dying moments! :(

i was never a Colts and Manning fan until i was in New York and met one of Shonen's best friends who happened to move to New York from Sydney and moved in 1 street away from me! what are the chances! i actually picked the ravens to beat the colts in the previous game so kudos to the colts! i like Manning, he has unbelieeeevable stats! in this game against the pats, he threw like 350 yards and had some 30 completions? i think its the colts year!!! i think its Manning's year! :)

So, lets see if anyone has a clue about what i just wrote, lol.
BTW, while i thik about it - Does anyone here play Gridiron? Yes, i am talking about in Australia.. I ask cause there's alot of members here from Sydney and we have a good league here. I play for North Western Predators (www.predatorsgridiron.com).. If anyone wants to learn more about it, check out the League we play under, NSWGFL (www.nswgfl.org.au/).

thats awesome. what position to do you play on your team? i played a few games of football whilst over in the US, like grab not tackle and i liked it. but im too old and too slow (abit like Favre Shonen !!! hehe )

to the superbowl! you have one of the best attacking team in the colts and you have one of the best defensive team in the bears. the colts defense has been stepping up massively in the playoffs so its going to be interesting :) im predicting and hoping for a colts win :)

22-01-07, 10:23 PM
yeah i play for Penrith City Outlaws
its my 2nd year,

i love it season starts september to decemember
junior season starts in march

superbowl will be good considering Chicago has the best defence in the NFL and Colts have the best passing game with Peyton Manning never sticking to one play always calling audiables

Australia vs South Korea @ tumbi umbi on Saturday 27th for a spot in the World Games at Japan

22-01-07, 10:24 PM
Sickk...can't wait to see what car you get ;) :D

heh, im not getting anything for the time being as im relocating to the UK in May this year :)

but...i do have plans on bringing back something from the UK :)

do you know how much e46 m3's and benz e55 (older ones) are over there!!! omg...

22-01-07, 10:49 PM

I dont think bears are the best defensive team, it would have to be the Ravens.. They shut down manning but McNair couldnt turn out any points with his O.. Think about it, you shut down the best QB in the league and you still lose..

Mannings play-off starts are.. shit.. well, they were until todays game, which in theory werent that good TD wise. 27 completions from 47 attempts, 349 yards for 1 TD, and one interception. Manning has always been known as a 'chocker' after the regular season, and his other games didnt do anything to prove that wrong, but he really did step up today.

Though the Bears did finish 13 - 3, you've gotta think about those 3 loss's. They were blowouts to decent to bad teams. 2 or 3 of their wins were also very close. In around 5 games of the season Rex didnt perform well at all, and people were talking about sitting him for Greise.. But, so far he's proved them wrong, and i'd love to see him go all the way and win the Superbowl.

The Saints? Good run, shame though. There O-line just couldnt keep the bears out. As you said, what a turn around.. Would of been the ultimate fairytale story. They're gonna come back next year and be a HUGE contender, with the likes of Colston, Breese, Bush, McAllister who have all shown they are big time players. Hopefully they will become a playoff team for years to come.

Oh, and Favre? Lets home he comes back for another season.. ;) Probably one of my favourite players in the league, im looking to buy a throwback of his fair soon to compliment my Cullpepper/Cadillac/Simms/Barber Jersey's. I dont think he will, i mean, the way he left, beating the Bears who were the #1 team at the time, playing a good game and the tears in his eyes and all that, was a great thing to see. Though, he could come back for another, Greenbay need a QB and he's still putting out decent numbers, and the team was getting better towards the end of last season.. who knows?

And me? I play WR(wide reciever). I play in the Colts League (For kids aged 14 - 18, im 16) and this year will be my second year playing. Gridiron is growing here in Australia i reckon.. I went down to the Seniors finals, on a night where it was the worst weather ive personally seen 6 or so years, Hailing/Storming almost unbearable wether.. and still, there were close to 800 people there to watch i reckon.. pretty amazing turnout when you think about the circumstances.

*catches breath*

So yeah.. I do get a little excited when i find other aussie's that know about gridiron if you couldnt already tell. ;)

22-01-07, 11:06 PM
hhahaha sucks we lost our semi game to sydney uni was close till last quarter
it was 6 -7 at the half we were leading but sydney was just to strong which explains why they are the champions

23-01-07, 01:27 AM
Was this in the Colts or Senior divison?

23-01-07, 04:38 PM
your an animal sleepy! you remind me of my mate Philip in NYC haha.

i never said the bears had the best defense, i think they are one of the best!

the colts defense was always suspect but has really shown promise in the playoffs - unlike manning who has always choked in the playoffs - but not yesterday! :)

its manning's year. the colts will do it for manning. but the bears are soooo formidable. and rex is playing really well.

it'll be interesting.....pity i'll be in some remote location in indonesia at the time!!! :(

23-01-07, 05:32 PM
pity i'll be in some remote location in indonesia at the time!!! :(

You make it sound like going there is such a pain in the behind :P

23-01-07, 07:11 PM

23-01-07, 09:24 PM
You make it sound like going there is such a pain in the behind :P

if the superbowl will be anything like the colts v patriots game....man i dont want to be anywhere else but infront of a tv!!! :)

dont get me wrong, im really looking forward to going to indonesia! moreso because i'll be having my engagement party there!!! :)

23-01-07, 09:54 PM
i stayed there for a couple of months and at first i didnt like it at all but after understanding the rules and watching it all the time i can understand why the yanks r sick for it....its defntly xciting to watch when its a good game..

23-01-07, 10:58 PM
yanks are sick of it? what are you on about! they cant get enough of it, they are diehard fans.

24-01-07, 10:56 PM
sleepy this ones for you! wrap up by my mate Philip in the US and also one of Shonen's best mates...

Hey man, sorry for the lack of responses lately.

Okay, saved a special reply just for you hahaha - feel free to use bits and pieces of it verbatim if you want to really impress your friends back in Australia with your football knowledge :)

As you can imagine Im still riding this amazing wave of euphoria in the aftermath of the Colts victory! Seriously, I had the Colts written off for dead after Manning threw that pick six ...now I'm trying to reassemble my shattered remote control :P

I'm not exaggerating here, but if you watched the game, you probably bore witness to one of the GREATEST play-off games ever and one of the most immortal comebacks ever, comparable to Elway's "The Drive" and Montana's drive to beat the Bengals in his second Superbowl appearance to win it from behind with 2min left. You witnessed history. Feel honored.

Anyway here's my breakdown of the game I wrote just for you and some historical context for you...

Peyton Manning was the greatest college QB of his period - next to Ryan Leaf (a movie is coming out about him - look him up if you're interested in his sad story). He was the considered the prototypical NFL quarterback - textbook mechanics and footwork within the pocket (we're not talking Michael Vick mobility here, we're talking about the ability to feel pressure, sense the blitz and step up in the pocket to avoid the rush or sliding laterally to escape the pocket), 6"5 laser, rocket arm. He played for the Tennessee Volunteers and led them to successive years of dominance in the SEC Conference in the college football, but he was never able to win a bowl game. Every year he would come up short against the ONE team he could never beat - the Florida Gators. Manning was never able to beat this team, though he beat everyone else and, from an early stage he was labelled a choker and someone who was unable to win games that mattered and this haunted him coming into the NFL but didn't affect his draft status as the first overall pick of the 1998 draft. He ended up lifetime 0-4 against the Gators, the one team he could never beat and the one obstacle to him winning Bowl games for the Vols.

Coming into the NFL, Manning had the same success that preceded him in college, however his continual failure in the post-season (the play-offs) continued over from college and gave him the title of being a choker. There is some truth to these allegations, as Manning's worst performance of each season typically took place in the post-season - whether he was the direct reason of his team's losing or not is subjective, however the reality was that Manning's performances in the play-offs were never of the same standard against his performance in the regular season. On top of that, Manning's Colts never had a good defense, forcing the Colts to get into shoot-outs with opposing teams more often than not - he could put up points, but then again so could his opponents and football is the ultimate team sport. Manning would lose 4 times in the post-season until 2003...

...when he won his first play-off game against the Denver Broncos, achieving a perfect QB rating of 158.3 (highest possible rating a QB can have) and then having another near-perfect game against the KC Chiefs ..however, on the threshold of a Superbowl appearance, he faced the Patriots in Foxborough, their home stadium. Here, Manning threw a season high 4 picks and was the single reason the Colts lost that game. It was his worst game of the season and it came at the most important time. The next season, Manning broke Dan Marino's TD record 48 by throwing 49 and orchestrating the single greatest season a QB has ever had in terms of TDs thrown and QB rating. Unfortunately, that year the Patriots once against stifled the Manning-led Colts and held them to 3 points (3 effin' points!) and once again evicted them from the play-offs. The Patriots had become the NFL version of Manning's Gators. Until that point, Manning was 3-8 against the Patriots life-time (Pats used to be in the same divison as the Colts - the AFC Central before the re-alignment and played another twice a year) and 0-2 against them in the play-offs. The choker label came back to haunt him, and Bill Belichick was credited as "having Manning's number".

You need to understand, New England is the greatest franchise since the era of Free Agency (every team has the same salary cap number, meaning that franchises can't just spend $$$ on poaching the best players like the Yankees, and need to manage their players salaries - this means teams stay together less often which results in less cohesion, continuity and chemistry), and Bill Bellichick is one of the greatest coaches ever and has historically stifled some of the most legendary QBs in the play-offs before he became coach of New England - including Joe Montana, John Elway, Jim Kelly and now Peyton Manning. He is arguably the most brilliant big-game coach and his defensive scheming has been the deciding factor in the past for Manning's struggles. The Colts-Patriots rivalries has several other reasons (one being Bill Polian's complaining to the competition committee in the aftermath of the 2003 AFC Championship loss for the Patriots defensive backs basically mugging the Colts receivers off the line of scrimmage - called illegal contact - this led to stricter enforcement of penalties the following season and led to the Colts being labelled soft and a 'finesse' team) - it is a modern rivalry similar to the 49ers vs Packers vs Cowboys rivalries of the 90s.

Anyway fast forward to the present ...it's 2006, the Colts are sleep-walking through the play-offs so far. Manning has been the weak link throughout the entire play-offs, once again failing to play up to his regular season standard having now thrown 6 INTs in 3 games, despite only having thrown 9 in the entire 16-game regular season. In addition, his accuracy and yards per attempt has gone down considerably due to the unique way defenses play him, 2 deep set safeties playing deep cover over the top of the cornerbacks with the linebackers dropping back into coverage zones, in other words - teams play to take away the pass first and stop the run second. The Colts offense is predicated around jabbing you with the run but delivering the KO with the pass. The Colts 32-nd ranked defense, much maligned, miraculously stepped up it's play in the play-offs shutting down the league's best pure runner (Larry Johnson) against the Chiefs and the Raven's power running game. The Colts D has been HISTORICALLY bad - as in, their D was making opposing team's running backs look like Jim Brown - no exaggeration. Teams unknown running backs were averaging 5.3 ypa ...this is the second worst rushing defense *historically* in the last 30 years! And despite that, they fixed things in the play-offs and suddenly, it's the defense carrying Manning through the play-offs who was struggling. If the Colts had lost against the Chiefs or Ravens this year, the loss would've been squarely on Manning's shoulders.

Anyway, for years now the Manning apologists have constantly made excuses for Manning's inability to beat the Patriots. Absurd reasons like Patriots defensive backs were guilty of getting away with blatant holding calls, that Manning plays better in-doors and not in bad weather, that if the Colts played the Patriots at home they would win, if he had a defense he would win etc. etc. finally, the Football Gods somehow arranged for it to happen this year, the grand-daddy game every hardcore NFL fan wanted to see - the Colts and Patriots facing off in Indianapolis, the winner going onto and most likely winning the Superbowl. The two greatest teams finally facing off, the greatest NFL rivalry of this decade and the two greatest QBs of the modern era - facing off with a rich history of competition between another. The stage was set... if Manning didn't win this one, he may as well buy a house next to Derek Jeter and A-Rod for being indisputably the greatest choker ever as a loss here would deprive him of any excuses remaining.

When Manning threw that interception returned for a TD ...I thought it was over, that it just wasn't meant to be, that it was Groundhog Day and that the Colts came out flat, lacked heart and were the greatest band of chokers ever. Instead we saw the GREATEST comeback in conference championship history and one of the greatest play-off victories ever. Here's some of my game notes:

Bill Bellichick's game-plan was excellent in the first half - he knew the Colts D would be selling out the pass to stop the run by cramming extra safeties into the box - this would leave his receivers free off the edge one on one against the Colts undersized corners. BB also knew that the Colts defense was susceptible to being run right up the gut in obvious passing downs due to the undersized front 4 of their defense (Colts defensive linemen are the smallest in the league - they make up for it with quickness but can be easily overpowered) - on various 3rd and long plays, BB made Brady goto the shotgun and present an obvious passing situation against which the Colts played two deep safeties and a standard 4-3 formation in the box with the linebackers predictably dropping into zone coverage. The answer? Draw play - hand-off to the running back and take it right up the gut where they're least expecting it. This worked repeatedly. Additionally, the Colts stud on the D-line Dwight Freeney, one of the best pure-pass rushers in the league is a liability in run defense due to his relentless spinning and bull-rushing in a mad frenzy to get to the passer, unfortunately what this means is he takes himself out of running plays and opens up the edge of the D-line of the front 4 by completely ignoring the run and going right for the passer.

24-01-07, 10:57 PM
... continued

The key to the Colts survival was surviving the first quarter - Tony Dungy, the Colts coach is not a very good coach in my opinion. He does not make in-game adjustments often nor does he ever deviate from his tactics and defensive philosophy. Dungy's belief is that the scheme is fundamentally sound, and that the emphasis is on execution - numerous times throughout hte season he flat-out refused to make any major personnel or scheme changes, insisting that the Colts should "keep doing what we do best" - to some this was a sick joke. BB on the otherhand, is a master schemer, great at sniffing out team's weaknesses and exploiting them or taking away a team's greatest strength. The Colts needed to see what BB would do in the first quarter, what wrinkles he would throw into his scheme what tactics he was using so that the Colts could adjust accordingly. Amazingly, everytime the Colts have played the Pats, BB has always come up with a different scheme offensively and defensively.

The Patriots scored on their opening drive, overruning the Colts on the ground and having hteir way with them. Manning's initial possessions were brief and did not result in points but rather resulting in punts. However, he made great throws that were surprisingly well defended by the Patriots defensive backs (the cornerbacks and safeties) making tremendous pass defenses and knock-downs of perfectly thrown balls. The Colts wide receivers are, bar none, the BEST in the league, however, they like Manning, have been accused of disappearing in play-off games and becoming non-factors - this is partly true and has contributed to Manning's choker label. The Colts WRs were unable to get any separation from the Patriots DBs who know the Colts offense so well that they can anticipate routes and stay toe to toe with them on familar routes. Several big play opportunities were denied due to the amazing play off these Patriots DBs.

As a result of his big play receivers being effectively taken out of the game and after a near-implosion with the Colts finding themselves in a 21-3 hole, Manning decided to start relying less on his receivers and spreading the ball out, favoring no particular receiver. The key to the Colts offense was the tight-end Dallas Clark. Because the Pats were committed to taking away Manning's 2 Pro Bowl receivers, this would usually take their safeties away from run support in order to offer deep help against the receivers. The Patriots could afford to do this because their 3-4 defense features MASSIVE defensive tackles and nose tackles who dwarf the Colts O-line. These 3 behemoths are extremely effective at tying up blockers, collapsing the pocket around Manning and stopping the run effectively. Because of this, the Patriots could afford to drop more linebackers into coverage, knowing they weren't losing anything in run defense due to the excellent play of the front 3. However, because the Colts were in fact running the ball well, what would happen is that the Pats would only dedicate one linebacker to cover either the tight-end Dallas Clark - a BAD mismatch for the Patriots.

Traditionally, the Colts prefer to run a 3 wide-receiver set, however their 3rd WR Brandon Stokley has been injured all season and he traditionally operates out of the 'slot' (the position between the end of the offensive line and a wide out). This formation would force opposing teams to typically goto a nickel or dime package (5th or 6th extra cornerback usually at the expense of a linebacker - used in obvious passing formations) to avoid matching up the 3rd wide receiver with a safety (safeties are expected to play run and pass support - however, nothing beats a dedicated cornerback for pure coverage). In his absence, the Colts have used Dallas Clark in the slot due to his speed (for a tight-end) and ability to match-up favorably against a linebacker. Most teams do not usually goto nickel or dime formations against a pass catching tightend (TEs are usually a blocking / receiving player ...mainly blocking) due to the threat of the TE being used as part of a running play as a blocker. Clark's versaility and speed in this regard gave him favorable match-ups against the Pats LBs, who are relatively slow and getting up there in age (average age is over 30).

Another part of the struggle which ultimately led to a rout was Manning's ability to convert on third downs and sustain drives and preventing the Colts from punting. This led to lop-sided time of posessions favoring the Colts with long, efficient, clock-consuming drives marching down the field - this had the added benefit of wearing down the opposing defense as Manning would play almost exclusively no-huddle. What this means is that Manning's offense does not go into a huddle between plays and marches straight to the line to snap the ball - Manning then calls the play from the line of scrimmage via audibles (this is his signature trademark - the pre-snap gyrations). What this does is it tires the opposing defense who must get into formation too AND most importantly, this prevents the opposing defense from substituting personnel and letting their players get any rest for fear of Manning snapping the ball quickly and catching the Patriots with 12 men on the field while substituting. The Colts base offensive packages are versatile enough that except for goal-line situations, they have little trouble moving the ball with the number of offensive options at their disposal with their versatile players not requiring substitutions.

Where the Colts struggle is in the red-zone due to their lack of a credible power-running game for short yardage situations (ranked near dead last in the league). What this leads to is defenses playing pass first due to the inability of the small Colts O-line, who are good at pass protection, but mediocre at run-blocking due to their inferior size and inability to generate a push to open up running lanes for the running backs. As a result of this, the Colts have been surprisingly inefficient in the redzone and forecd to settle for field goals alot of times (they scored 5 FGs against the Ravens and never came close to sniffing the endzone). The reason why it is harder to score in the redzone is because the field is smaller, the defense plays closer to the line of scrimmage due to the lack of having to guard deep routes and the spaces in which to throw become alot tighter. Teams with strong running attacks (or the threat of one) do well in the redzone. The NE Patriots D on the otherhand were the #1 scoring defense (in terms of fewest points allowed) and #1 in redzone defense. Despite this, the Colts wore down the Patriots and were able to punch it in a few times on the ground.

The Colts special teams almost single-handedly lost this game themselves, allowing the Patriots excellent average starting field position around the 40 yard line and even allowing an 80 yard return. The Colts special teams were troubling and could've potentially lost the game on numerous occasions due to poor kick-off coverage - this will be the chief area of concern next week against the Bears, who feature the best special teams in the NFL. Anyway, for whatever reason, the Patriots were unable to match the Colts scoring fest despite having favorable field position numerous times. Brady made great passes under duress but BB went away from the run too early when he should've been trying to limit the Colts offensive possessions and opportunities by playing a ball control offense themselves and keeping the Colts offense off the field. Unfortunately for them, their play distribution heavily favored the pass and Brady was victimized by two HUGE drops by his receiver - one a potential TD pass and the other, a free play where a defensive lapse on the Colts part left him completely uncovered and no one stopping him from the endzone.

Manning's last drive to put the Colts ahead was masterful - it would've made Elway proud, however the problem was they scored too quickly. One minute left, two timeouts and Tom Brady under center is a frightening thought - in fact Manning had his head down on the bench as he couldnt' bear to watch. Frankly, I don't blame him as I couldn't either. Luckily he was intercepted by a fellow alumni from Michigan - Marlin Jackson and it was game over. It was one of the greatest comebacks ever - the Colts scored on 6 of 8 offensive possessions overall, this is *phenomenal*. The key to the game was Manning's ability to convert on 3rd down and Brady's inability to likewise. Colts actually went 3 and out with 3:29 left while they were down by 3. If Brady had been able to achieve 2 first downs, he would've iced the game and the Colts offense would've never seen the field again and it would've been game over - fortunately he was unable to even get 1 as the Colts defense stepped up - but that was CRUCIAL as that Colts offensive series was disastrous. On their 20, Manning threw incomplete with the receiver Reggie Wayne slipping while running his route, next play Manning tripped over his running back's foot and the third play he threw incomplete to Reggie Wayne who had a good opportunity to reel the ball in. That could've killed the Colts there and then as they were on their 20, but the Colts punter, managed to get off a 60 yard beauty (most punts only go for like 40 yards) and was one of the unsung heroes of the game to keep the Pats out of an easy scoring opportunity to put the game out of reach for the Colts.

24-01-07, 10:58 PM
... continued

What happened next is history.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that :) enjoy the Colts as i've enjoyed them for the last 5 years and waited so long leading up to this day to see this moment. I think this game was actually bigger than the Superbowl. To make an analogy, this game was similar to Steve Young finally beating the Cowboys on route to his first Superbowl win in 1996 - the game where he famously declared getting the monkey off his back, as the Cowboys had repeatedly beaten Young in the past like the Patriots did to Manning.

excellent read, he's such a fanatic :)

29-01-07, 11:04 AM
Fck looks like ive got a lot to read.. and most likely argue about. =P
Will get on it now.. LOL.

29-01-07, 11:22 AM
hehehe. yeah he was pretty psyched when he wrote that. especially to see his dream team go through to the superbowl ;)