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13-01-09, 05:35 PM

Hi All,

Works Bell have now announced a new bundle of steering products called the "Steering Campaign Bundle", which allows you to buy a number of Works Bell products all in one bundle at a heavily discounted price.

The Steering Campaign Bundle includes the following ...

A Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release (red or silver model) ...


A Works Bell Original Steering Wheel ...


Your choice of a Works Bell Standard Length Boss or Short Boss ...


The glove friendly Works Bell Flipper for the Rapfix II Quick Release ...


And the Works Bell U-Turn Airbag Warning Cancellation Harness ...



The price of this bundle of products with the standard length boss is way below the Japanese retail prices if you purchased each product individually.

So you can save a lot of money by purchasing these products in the bundle.

As an example, if you purchased a standard length Works Bell p/n 110 Subaru boss, and all the other products in this bundle separately at full retail prices, the total cost would be Japanese Yen 57,180 plus tax.

By contrast, buying the Steering Campaign Bundle will cost you just Japanese Yen 48,600, saving you Japanese Yen 8,580 (approx $142).


As usual, The Tuners Group continues our policy of offerring the finest parts from the world's best Japanese tuners at the same prices they sell for in Japan.

In fact our price on this bundle is below the price this bundle sells for in Japan.

Here is the image showing the price of the Steering Campaign Bundle from Works Bell's website in Japan ...


In Japan the Steering Campaign Bundle sells for Japanese Yen 51,030.

Our price for the Steering Campaign Bundle is equivalent to Japanese Yen 48,600, so we are Japanese Yen 2,430 (approx AU$40) below the price the Steering Campaign Bundle sells for in Japan :)


Works Bell are currently out of stock of the Rapfix II, so the steering bundle will commence shipping at the end of January.

The Steering Campaign Bundle is likely to sell very quickly though, so if you want one, we suggest you get your order in rightaway to avoid missing out.

It will be supplied on a "first come first served basis", with stock reserved for the first confirmed orders in.

You can order the Steering Campaign Bundle from this page on our website ...


Owning the very finest in precision high quality Works Bell products has never been more affordable.

- Adam

13-01-09, 06:08 PM
Is that a nardi wheel in one of the pics?
Other wheels fit to this easily?

13-01-09, 06:37 PM
Is that a nardi wheel in one of the pics?
Other wheels fit to this easily?

Yes one of the photos shows a Nardi steering wheel fitted to the Rapfix II Quick Release.

Yes other steering wheels can be fitted easily to the Rapfix II Quick Release.

As it says on our site at http://www.tunersgroup.com/Online_Store/Works_Bell_Rapfix_II_Steering_Wheel_Quick_Release. html ...

Steering Wheel & Hub / Boss Kit Compatibility

There is no welding required to fit a Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release to your car - it is strictly a bolt on product with no welding required.

At the steering wheel end, the Rapfix II ships pre-machined with bolt holes in both standard 6 bolt Momo bolt pattern steering (PCD 70mm), and 6 bolt Nardi bolt pattern (PCD 74mm).

Of course it is compatible with all Works Bell steering wheels, including the Works Bell Original Steering Wheel, the Works Bell Team Orange Steering Wheel, and the Works Bell Yoshioka Steering Wheel.


The image above shows a Works Bell Rapfix II (with optional Works Bell Rapfix II Flipper) attached to a Nardi steering wheel and Works Bell Boss Hub .

The part of the Rapfix II that attaches to the steering boss / hub has a 6 bolt (PCD 70mm) bolt pattern, the same bolt pattern as used on Momo steering bosses / hubs.


The part that attaches to the steering boss / hub can also be attached to many compatible 6 bolt Nardi bolt pattern steering bosses / hubs (PCD 74mm), by using the Works Bell Conversion Spacer (see photo above). The conversion spacer is a very useful product which allows you to fit compatible Momo bolt pattern products to Nardi bolt pattern products and vice versa.

- Adam