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24-01-07, 10:19 AM
i'll tell you whats cheap in the UK, these old sparring partners!
love these cars. but which one are you??? a beemah boy or a benz bandit?



24-01-07, 10:39 AM
specify which models..

I6, V8 or V10 M5?
NA or SC E55?

24-01-07, 10:51 AM
just the stock standard kulz!

W210 E55 5.5L V8
and the
E39 M5 5.0L V8

i didnt even know this but there is a Benz E60 too! hectic!!!

24-01-07, 10:57 AM
The E39 M5 came in manual. AMG has never built a car with a proper gearbox.

'nuff said.

24-01-07, 11:10 AM

but, out of the older 2, hmm hard call.
i might even say M5, and im a big benz fan.

24-01-07, 11:30 AM
did the M5 only ever come out in manual??? getrag gearbox is pretty phat.
automatic ... yeah. wife friendly! :)

24-01-07, 11:30 AM

but, out of the older 2, hmm hard call.
i might even say M5, and im a big benz fan.

talk us through the supercharged e55 kula!
where are some video's ;)

24-01-07, 12:08 PM
its a long story, and maybe tonight ill write it up.

24-01-07, 02:01 PM
that'd be a sweet ride. lets hear the story, cause i remember you were pretty bamboozled over it when you mentioned it to me...

i think my ultimate garage would have to be an W210 E55 and E46 M3. enough said ;)

24-01-07, 02:10 PM
E55 for me. AFAIK, Beemer M-series can have really high maintenance costs, I think changing the timing belt on an M5 is a 5000 pound job and there are weird things like reshimming the valve clearances etc. And you don't wanna pay a workshop 100 pounds sterline per hr labour :)

If I were paying the bills, big, dumb, low revving capacity FTW :D

24-01-07, 02:11 PM
no, W211 E55.

24-01-07, 04:43 PM
exy exy!

remember the W211 E55 down at wakefield kula?


yeah!!! suits me huh ;)


24-01-07, 05:34 PM
they go for US$50k now...
my bro in law wants one.

about 150k will get you one here.

24-01-07, 06:33 PM
from 27K GBP....which is about 70K AUD
fark we get ripped in Oz on Euro's!
but who cares when we get good deals on imports, and this is a friggin JDMSTYLE forum!!!!
i'll shuddup now ;)

24-01-07, 09:07 PM
Franks asked for my E55 experience, so here it is.
so in my times I’ve been in a fair few different cars, some of the more memorable have been:

300rwkw FC
600awkw GTR
400awkw WRX
57rwkw MX5.
along with plenty of modified and standard, new and old cars in between.

I also had a few laps around the Gold Coast in a 575 Maranello Ferrari.
this was a pretty cool car. a big Italian V12, near A$600k when new, and 380kw, 589Nm.

This thing went hard, the owner planted it from a standing start and 1st gear shoved me back in the seat quite hard, a little harder than I had expected, my cheeks felt like I was in a wind tunnel, and it really felt like a very powerful WRX performing an AWD redline launch. Then it changed to second. Because it has that much torque, it can pretty much fry the tyres (mind you they are 295/35/18) in most gears, the traction control limits the power in first, seamlessly, but significantly. When the semi auto changed to second most of the power came in, and bam, a much bigger shove in the back.. it really felt soo effortless and quick, smoother and just as fast as the cars I have mentioned above. we got to 160km/h in a very short time, I'm guessing 8 seconds or so, so it really did move quite well.. the owner said it still accelerates like that from 200+ and it does get to 300 relatively easily, he noted.

So I was quite impressed with this piece of exotica, and it really made heads turn. Everywhere we went people just stared, even in a place like the Gold Coast, where automotive exotica is quite common, everyone on the streets literally stared at this big bright red penis extension. Cool for a lap, but I reckon it would get annoying quite quickly. The owner sold the car not too long after.

A while later I was in Adelaide on a work trip, and was driving from a suburban location to the city for dinner, and our mode of transport was a nice W211 E55 Benz. I know about E55s. I’ve loved them since the W210. C&V had a tuned one they worked on a while back, and they were impressed with the engine. These are guys who have built: the fastest LS1 in the world, the fastest WRX in aus, the fastest 200SX in aus, and numerous other record breaking cars. Con wished that aussie and US engines were as good as the W210 one, he said it was close to perfect from the factory. I used to hear their E55 cruising around C&V, and the exhaust note was quite impressive, and the owner did give it often around the traps, and it even looked as fast as it sounded.

When the W211 came out, the world was taken by storm. As an update, and as if the W210 needed any more power, they stuck a supercharger on that 5.5 litre V8, and gave it some serious grunt. That model is now over, and the current one is a back to NA E63. It is more powerful than the older 55 SC, but it has less torque. The new 63 is AMGs first engine designed from scratch, previously they have always modded existing Benz engines. So this was their dream come true, a clean sheet of paper, and from all reports, it lives up to the hype, more than matching BMWs amazing V10 in the M5.

So back to the E55 SC. Superchargers are interesting, implemented properly, they have zero lag, and can provide as much boost as you want throughout basically the whole rev range. In a big luxury sedan like the E class Benz, its still overkill, but good overkill that is responsive, smooth and reliable. As I was sitting in the back of the E55, I noted how roomy it was. Being the medium/large class, I always thought the E class wasn’t as big as say a Commodore or Falcon. With the S class being the full-size sedan. I guess I was wrong on that part. The back seat of the E class was a full size sedan. It was as room as any aussie sedan I’ve been in, and the luxury was at a much higher level than anything made locally. The wood and leather were amazing. Such high quality. the electric seats in the rear had more adjustments than most cars front seats, and rear individual temp controls allowed for 4 different temp zones in the car. Impressive. The front of the cabin had a quite busy dash board, but again the quality was easy to see. Every button and dial had a solidness any luxury car made outside of Germany still strives for but never achieve.

So the car was started and the V8 burble came through, with a very slight whine from the supercharger being audible. We cruised gently around the suburbs and I could have been in an E320, or anything smooth, quite, luxurious and roomy. No one really cared what was driving past or next to them. I didn’t notice anyone really looking, a few kids may have swung their heads around, but the most they would have thought would be, oh some young guys in a rich guys car. Which was true.

The ride was perfectly comfortable, but you could tell it was a little firmer than the softest of rides. In no way would it ever get tiring, but it wasn’t the super soft American style luxury, and that’s a good thing.

So there was a clearing in the traffic, and we were doing about 60 when the driver planted it. There was 3 of us on board, and the transmission quickly shifted down, and bang, massive accelerative force. It really was as much of a shove as the Ferrari. It felt just as impressive, maybe more so, as we were cursing in so much comfort and luxury, but the whine of the supercharger became a scream, and the exhaust sounded like a V8 race car. Again 160km/h came up very quickly, and the driver had to brake quite rapidly as we were in a suburban street. The brakes just screamed overkill, fitting in the rest of the car. The massive AMG callipers pulled us up quickly, silently and smoothly. As if a parachute had been released from the back, it felt so natural and effortless that I would feel confident slowing down from the limited 250km/h cruising speed to zero.

After a short stint back at 60, another gap opened up and the gas was planted again. Yup, I wasn’t dreaming it, it really did have that much power, and it really did feel so smooth and easy. You know when people say there’s nothing like a V8, I’ve always yawned, and groaned something like, 4 more cylinders than you need, so bah, revs are more fun. But in this case, they were right. A big luxury sedan, and a big power supercharged V8 is just one amazing package. It can cruise comfortably from say Sydney to Melbourne. Or floor it and blow away Ferraris or modified imports. In perfect luxury. Just an amazing car. Sure the new model E63 has a bit more power and revs a lot harder, but it has reduced the totally ballistic effortless torque of the supercharged V8. I think the W211 AMG E55 is a very special car, not likely to be repeated by any major manufacturer again. 700Nm is a good thing.

24-01-07, 09:16 PM
i remmber seeing this..


"Another stand-out performance was from the guys at European Performance Developments. The big Mercedes E55 was running on U.S spec 91 octane fuel for R&D purposes and ran into the 11s for an 11.98/117 in complete street trim. Traction issues forced the use of the factory traction control system."

easy 11s in 100% street trim.

24-01-07, 09:17 PM
poetic, thanks kula!!!

an absolutely amazing car, sounds as though it could turn even the most hardcore performance car fan into appreciating abit of "cushy" luxury ;)

id love an e55, a w210 would even do me i think! i like its styling! i think its a classic shape!

couple of things i didnt know - 1. you had a ride in a ferrari and 2. c&v had an e55!!! always thought you had attention to detail :)

24-01-07, 09:25 PM
C&Vs E55 was a customers car.


its quite a nice place to be.

24-01-07, 10:02 PM
oh yeah, i remember that one now!

that steering wheel is exactly like the logitech one you can buy at kmart for your PS2! :)

25-01-07, 04:07 PM
yah, but its not made from plastic, and doesnt control a V12 made in modena.

26-01-07, 03:54 PM
e55, definately.

26-01-07, 10:59 PM
im a mercedes man so E55 for me
BMWs IMO dont have the build quality of Mercedes and feel cheap in comparison thats just IMO though
ive had 3 classic mercs and restored plenty with my uncles
i love em and always will

28-01-07, 08:27 PM
ill take a low K's, E39 thank you. in black if you got it, if not dark blue will suffice.
then ill take a short trip down the road to hamaan or hartage and order myself the works... mmmmm tasty!~!