View Full Version : [NSW] Volk Racing TE37 Gunmetal 17x8.5 / 17x9.5

28-01-07, 09:44 PM
I'm putting my gunmetal TE37s up for sale.


Type: Volk Racing TE37
Sizes: 17x8.5 +30 5x114.3 / 17x9.5 +28 5x114.3
Tyres: Bridgestone Potena RE-01 255/40 R17 (fronts are near dead, rears are still at 50%)
Colour: Gunmetal (Nissan paint code KR2)
Location: Sydney - not particularly interested in shipping
Price: $2500 but open to reasonable offers

Reasons for sale: Too small for my 350Z (looks out of proportion) and too light for my Tein Flex's springs, so the car's ride and handling is adversely affected. Upgrading to bigger rims.

One of the 9.5" rims has gutter rash and most of them have scratching around the stud holes. Aside from that, the rims are still in perfect condition. They were only repainted a few months ago.

Offsets should fit 2WD Skylines and S14 / S15 Silvias, and have it sitting right on the guard. You may need to run a narrower front tyre in this case, but since those front tyres are almost gone it shouldn't be a major issue.

More pictures of the rims on my 350Z can be found here: