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07-03-09, 01:02 PM
Need these following parts;

Front left headlight. Preferably double circle with square foglight.

S13 front left lower control arm. **FOUND

Intercooler core to suit S13. **FOUND

And also wanting to try track the following down, as wanting to buy these if available;

K's Front bar (the one with the side vent for the standard intercooler). If black a bonus OR Nismo/Aero front bar, again, if black a bonus.

Nismo/Aero Rear pods. If in black a bonus.

Best mode of contact is PM.

08-03-09, 02:29 AM
I have a front passenger LCA, and I know theres a OO[ ] in the garage, but can't remember if its left or right side.. I've also got a SMIC core, if thats what you're chasing..

08-03-09, 03:53 PM
Front LCA would be sweet. May have found a headlight from a dude at work already, but if that falls through I'l grab it off you if its passenger side.

After a FMIC. All the piping is sweet, but the core is buggered.

19-04-09, 08:10 PM
hey mate ive got a gktech i/c kit for s13 sr20 for sale let me know if your interested

20-04-09, 11:40 AM
Hey mate, already sourced the cooler.

First post updated!

20-04-09, 12:12 PM
I have an R33 GTR style grill if your interested in replacing the ugly stock grill-panel, its not black though unfortunately

21-04-09, 05:19 PM
Nah its ok, already have a R32 GTR styled grill in there..

What parts for an S13 do you have that are not needed, PM me!