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03-02-07, 03:00 AM
hehehe, having a chat with msj44y and seinfield got brought up which then lead me to re-visit this old gem of a site:


03-02-07, 09:51 AM
umm I dont get it.....

What does Seinfield have to do with an auto parts site ?

03-02-07, 12:24 PM
Jerry: Hello? Yeah, this is Jerry Seinfeld. What? Twenty-eight hundred

dollars?!! That's the estimate on my car?!! No, don't even do anything.

I'm gonna think about it. Okay, bye.

George: What's to think about? If Putty says it's what it is, it's what it

is. He's not gonna cheat you.

Jerry: Except that it's not Putty.

George: What happened to Putty?

Jerry: Eh, we had a little fight about the move. I took her to this other

place. I think they might be trying to screw me.

George: Well, of course they're trying to screw you. What do you think?

That's what they do. They can make up anything. Nobody knows. "By the

way, you need a new Johnson rod in there." "Oh, a Johnson rod. Yeah, well,

you better put one of those on."

hehe come on! have a closer look at the parts they sell

03-02-07, 12:34 PM
Need some headlight fluid... And my second reverse gear has been slipping...

03-02-07, 07:05 PM
hahha sorry my bad.....I didnt have a proper look at that site...

Just browsed through the site and realised the type of "auto parts" they sell...