View Full Version : Video: Wild BTCC front wheel drive drifting save

19-04-09, 07:37 PM
Hi All,

I stumbled across this video on the weekend ...


This video is of an absolutely incredible save by Jason Plato in a recent round of the BTCC at Brands Hatch.

Plato was leading the race when Adams in the BMW made contact with Plato's car from behind.

Plato's car rotated 90 degrees and to the amazement of everyone present, Plato held the slide and saved it.

Click here to view the video ...


- Adam

19-04-09, 08:26 PM
They had a fair bit of speed up at the time.The interview afterwards is pretty funny.Plato been racing in the BTCC for a long time yet still looks pretty competitive..

19-04-09, 10:09 PM
why do people have a stigma that it's harder to control a fwd in a slide?
i've found it's easier to pull a fwd out of a slide, opposite lock + power = straight

19-04-09, 10:39 PM
Not taking anything away from Plato, it was a great save, but Fabrizio Giovanardi has made some just as good if not better!

I think its being hyped up a bit. If you watch BTCC religiously, you'll see these sort of saves fairly regularly! :)

I think they're trying to get good mileage out of news stories at the moment, as Plato wasn't even going to compete until the last minute when someone threw a car at him!