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So there's this adult nerd cartoon in America called Aqua Teen Hunger Force. As an advertising stunt a few weeks ago, a couple of dudes put some blinking signs in a few places around Boston (US), representing the cartoon. Members of the public thought they might be some sort of terrorist act, so they alerted the authorities, who immediately sent anti-terrorist and bomb squads to the scenes. When it was determined that they were nothing more than blinking signs, they - instead of recognising them for the hip, clever, and underground advertising tricks they were intended to be - deemed them as terrorist hoaxes. Terrorist. Hoaxes. - Read about it here (http://www.boingboing.net/2007/01/31/led_ad_campaign_igni.html).

As a result, the dudes were found, arrested, and charged with various crimes of upsetting the peace, etc. I dunno, something along those lines. Either way, the general concensus is that the authorities in Boston are a bunch of dumbarse uptight dipshits, and a lot of pisstaking has taken place online.

None of them better than this video though, where Osama Bin Laden is talking to his chief lieutenants - his Dream Team - about where they should attack next. The winning idea? Boston! A town full of nobodies. Why should only the important cities get to feel the fear of unending terror?! How will we do it? Signs that give the finger to passers-by! "What if people don't see the signs?" "We make it BLIIIIIINNNK!!" Genius!


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GOLD son.

the meatball is the best :) Annoying turd that he is.

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haha thats helerious, us education system must be rank, be in a government position and still not be able to think for themselfs

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GOLD son.

the meatball is the best :) Annoying turd that he is.

Meat Wad !!!

I used to watch that show a lot under the influence... :twisted:

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ATHF, Harvey Birdman Attourney At Law, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Sealab 2021.

All solid gold in my books :D

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So...between the rednecks on Top Gear and well...Boston in general....this has not been a good week for the USA :)