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19-02-07, 08:50 AM
What are your favourite soundtracks?

My favourite, going back, would have to be The Crow. It probably helped that the movie it accompanied was so awesome, but even on its own, it was just a great compilation. So much power and emotion. Perfect!

The soundtrack to the first Matrix movie was pretty awesome too, and funnily enough, it pretty much acted as my main introduction to electronica and that sort of music. Again, really powerful stuff.

Along a different track, the soundtrack to the MechWarrior II computer game is pretty crazy too! No lyrics or anything, just damn heavy beats and real ominous sounds mixed in with perfectly placed moments of silence and quiet, intricate tunes. Awesome stuff.

The soundtrack for Garden State was pretty sweet too, actually. And Lost in Translation had a really good vibe to it as well, some great combinations of 80s music with some modern stuff thrown in. Followed the theme of the movie quite nicely.

Right now though, I can't get enough of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex soundtracks. I've got the whole lot (and there's something like 5 or 6 albums at the moment), but the actual OSTs 1, 2, and 3 are the most outstanding in my opinion. Yoko Kanno knows her stuff, and with vocals from the likes of Scott Matthew and Steve Conte - and quite a few varied female vocalists, though rumour has it that they're mostly Kanno herself under a different name - adds up to an amazing album. Once again, really powerful stuff. Some heavy tracks, some fast tracks, some soft and sombre tracks. Great combination.

On the topic of Kanno, the Macross Plus and Cowboy Bebop soundtracks are also extremely awesome. While my current fave is the GitS stuff, it's really only because I've already played the Macross Plus and Bebop soundtracks to death!

19-02-07, 09:53 AM
I find the Final Fantasy music absolutely awesome to listen to when Im doing work in the background.

There's a series of annual concerts around songs from anime/jap movies etc that are on every now and then, I went to one of them a few years ago and it blew my mind away.

Favourite soundtracks from movies... well may sound daggy but Bad Boys (I) was pretty good back in the day...

19-02-07, 10:18 AM
A personal fav would have to be the Noir (anime) soundtrack. I'm not exactly sure what it is about that OST but I like it... lol Maybe it's all because of the power, emotion and drama.

19-02-07, 11:51 AM
i love final fantasy. espicially the piano versions :)

19-02-07, 11:56 AM
The Vision of Escaflowne: Lovers Only
The Crow
Hackers (all of them)
The Matrix
Mortal Kombat (the movie)
Rent (not that its really a soundtrack since its a musical, so its the audio from the play itself)
Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet (Vol 1)

I'm quite liking the Donnie Darko soundtrack right now. Not the score, though.

19-02-07, 11:57 AM
Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet (Vol 1)

Good. Call.

Scrubs soundtrack has some great stuff on it too, nice choice.

19-02-07, 12:13 PM
Van - If you're getting into electro-industrial (a la parts of the Matrix soundtrack) try Spawn. The Sneaker Pimps / Marilyn Manson song is really good, as is the Stabbing Westward / Wink one.

If you're into full-on electro, the Hackers soundtracks are hard to beat. Unfortunately you'll only find them for sale in second hand stores.

19-02-07, 12:29 PM
Mm well I've grown beyond that genre now, I find that it doesn't appeal to me as much as it did at the time. I still listen to electronic stuff, but it's usually the toned-down stuff such a Royksopp and - to a lesser extent - Planet Funk, etc. Daft Punk is a favourite as well, and not something I would have listened to without the Matrix soundtrack opening the door onto electronic music for me.

I do love the Sneaker Pimps though, but mostly only when they had Kelli Dayton (and they're idiots for booting her, but that's been debated to death).

That Stabbing Westward song, is it "Save Yourself" or whatever it's called? Bloody good song that. I think they supported Live when they were here in Aus about 5 years ago... Wasn't a fan of the rest of their work, but that one song is definitely a standout.

Justin Fox
19-02-07, 12:30 PM
- The Crow (ditto, love The Cure)

Tarantino brought a whole lot of amazing music into my life, music that I might never have heard otherwise:
- Reservoir Dogs
- Pulp Fiction
- Jackie Brown

19-02-07, 12:35 PM
That Stabbing Westward song, is it "Save Yourself" or whatever it's called? Bloody good song that.

Yeah, Torn Apart.

It was good on the Stabbing Westward album Darkest Days, but when Wink collaborated / mixed it, it was even better. It got more electro, but in a good way.

19-02-07, 12:38 PM
Aaah, fair enough. I might grab it then, methinks.

Jus, good call! Forgot all about Tarantino's movies! Pulp Fiction is the standout for me, so many good tracks on that. The Kill Bill soundtrack has some really good tracks too, actually. I should grab the others.

19-02-07, 01:30 PM
- How high
- Romeo must die (fucking best soundtrack ever!)
- Save the last dance

If you guys didn't figure... i'm a major old schoolish RnB fan!

19-02-07, 01:48 PM
Ah me too man, I've got stupid amounts of RnB on my computer haha. Which is weird, because historically I've been the biggest metalhead ever ;). In high school I listened to Metallica and Pantera, then I moved onto alternative stuff like Something for Kate and that kind of thing. Since high school, my tastes have stretched to also include a lot of electronica (Air, Planet Funk, Royksopp, Daft Punk, etc). And since I started dating my girlfriend almost a year ago, I've been surrounded by RnB so that's really become a part of my tastes too.

I'm a mixed up kinda guy :(

It's weird too. You don't see many bogan-looking football-playing, beer-loving, graphic-designing, illustrating, metal/RnB/electronica/anime-soundtrack listening dudes ;)

19-02-07, 02:59 PM
Queen of the Damned - Score and Soundtrack

Resident Evil also has a great soundtrack, dunno about the score as I haven't seen the movie lol

19-02-07, 04:34 PM
run lola run.

soundtrack makes that movie.

19-02-07, 05:36 PM
Ive only heard it a few times in a friends car, but the Kill Bill Soundtracks were interesting

19-02-07, 06:39 PM
sound track from 'casino' (the joe pecsi, robert denero, sharon stone)

did i spell any of their names correctly? :p

19-02-07, 06:43 PM
Only Sharon Stone ;)

19-02-07, 07:13 PM
The Western soundtracks from Ennio Moricone are great!
-For a fistfull of dollars
-A fistfull of dollars more
-The good the bad and the ugly
-Once upon a time in the West
-My name is nobody

Also love the star war triology soundtrack, the main-theme from "Das Boot" , Battlestar Galactica and Thunderbirds.

If music from computergames count too, I would say Megablast, Lotus Turbo Esprit, Cannonfodder, Lost Patrol and Turrican.