View Full Version : bucket seat protector

13-07-09, 03:35 PM
Anyone know a good way to protect the side bolster of a sparco bucket seat?

the getting in and out is starting to wear on the right drivers side material, which is the always wear spot, but i want to prevent it since this time the bucket is worth something ..

besides a whole cover, is there any kind of extra material you can put on the bolster, or a bolster protector of some sort??

ideas please!

13-07-09, 03:39 PM
get in and out through the window, dukes of hazzard style :D

13-07-09, 03:59 PM
I changed how i get in and out of my car. I put my hand on the sill and lift my arse off the seat and manouver out without dragging my body over the bolster.
I've got a Brix which has fixed back height side bolsters.

13-07-09, 04:10 PM
oooooh ive been doing that! pushing up, then to the side, as opposed to a big diagonal push

but i dont want to keep pushing down on my sideskirt or that area (the seat is damn low, im right next to it) with my hand, with the other pushing up from the handbrake area.

any way i could use some protector, until it wears off, then replace it? :???: