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30-07-09, 05:48 PM
The plan.

Over the next few years id like to build a bike for myself. been dead keen on this for years..

Based on a Triumph Bonneville hardtail chop with a LAMS approved motor instead of the 650, ie: some cheep reliable 250 from a dirt bike or somthing.
front forks...maybe.. KT750 honda and disk brake setup. or whatever comesup i guess.

anyone that could provide me information on where to get parts in brisbane, or anyone that has anything they'd like to share with me (like, how can i make it LAMS cert. good places to get frames and old parts, ect. id greatly appreciate it.

This would have happend a few years back but my family had frowned apon bikes for sometime.. now thats its just mum and me.. she's slowly giving into motorbikes(if not the blokes that ride them *sigh* to much OCC's for her...) so thus bringing back the burning sensation that i burryed when i was a small fry.

thanks again. if you know what your talking about and you don't mind having a chat, add me onto msn- [email protected]

thanks fellas. Every bit of information helps no matter how small. even a interweb fourm that could provied some answers.

Finished product. somthin like this.
http://image.streetchopperweb.com/f/18350293+w750+st0/0903_hbks_07_z+1964_triumph_650+front_right_view.j pg

01-08-09, 12:33 PM
Hey mate I just posted in the next bike thread but here goes again...
trump 650's (as well as bsa's) are lams approved so you could ride one legally (well in nsw anyway...) chopped or not.

There are a few thing you may or may not know but if you go for a pre '72 then the rear ends are bolted on so a hardtail swap is really easy plus you wont even need indicators, just a front and rear light plus the front end will be a drum set up.

if you go a later model it will be an oil in frame and you will have to weld a rear end on and possibly run indicators.

Best bet for what you said you were after is a yamaha xs650.

01-08-09, 01:14 PM
brother.. that was my main concern about the motor being LAMS approved...

i just ned to find a burnt out old trumphy that i can rebuild and restore now.;)

01-08-09, 01:29 PM
there is no shortage of those haha.

in nsw they are lams approved anyway...
look into xs's though if you want a disc front end as well as reliability plus they will be a lot cheaper.

Also you can get a hardtail from a place in qld called slice and dice kustoms, Dan knows his stuff about most bike's but kind of specialises in xs's

01-08-09, 05:34 PM
i like the bonnie's :)

yeah, ive heard of that slice n' dice place. ill look into it.

03-08-09, 11:12 PM
XS650 babeh, dont make us tell you twice. You can usually pick up a stockie cheap, put a hardtail kit on it and a few other bits and your flying. They even have twin disk front, can find a lot of good carbs and 750 kits and they are plain rad.

I'm building a XS650 hardtail at the moment and bikes arent to hard. If you find yourself a decent frame with numbers it makes life super easy. Keep your eye out on ebay etc. A running XS650 went for about 1400 in decent nic, which would be perfect for a hardtail conversion.

03-08-09, 11:33 PM
ill have to go check one out in person...

ive riden a chopped trumphy (don't tell the mother ey!) and blew like a bomb in a yogert factory. i don't know why but the Bonnevilles make me tick over, somthing about them i dig.

guess ill go check ot this slice n' dice place, have a quick yarn to this Dan fella and see what happens... wonder if he's looking for an apprentice? ha!

04-08-09, 09:47 AM
i have not ridden a trump 650 but i used to own a t100r daytona 500 and it was pretty slow, the xs was much quicker plus its easier and cheaper to get upgraded parts for them.

In saying that I too would rather have the real deal again and go for a brit bike but the money you have to lay out for lets face it, an inferior designed bike (a brit bike will leak, have more issues and require more maintenance plus be slower and brake worse...) it doesn't make a lot of sense considering that the xs will come with the front end you want, be quicker, more reliable and a hell of a lot cheaper!

another thing to keep in mind is that this will be not only your first bike but your first chop as well? chances are you will stuff up or butcher a few things along the way so on an xs it's not such a shame haha and you wont have purists giving you grey bearded lectures all day long...

05-08-09, 12:02 AM
yeah. you guys make a good point. its like.. ive got an integra vti-r.. and even though i love it to bits.. in the great depths deep down it hurts a little that i dont have the type R or what ill do when im older restore n' chop a 1920's ford pickup..i know, my tastes are off the fuckin chain! haha

im going to ring up slice n' dice somtime next week and see if i the'd mind if i came down and checked out what they do and see if i can get a few questions answered.

thanks guys. if you know of anyone in in brisbane that has some experiance in this area shoot them my email or somthing. cheers.

30-08-09, 08:38 PM
Ive got sitting in my shed a 75 bonnie and a 74 triton *or other way around* both 750's, i want to turn the bonnie into a bobber, much like in 4shizz dp, ive wanted to do this for years but havnt really been motivated to start it, does anyone have any good forums or places they can suggest i can get for help on where to start etc?

31-08-09, 06:00 PM
Best advice is to sell the bonnie and get an older one (pre oil in frame 72? back I think). It will make life sooooooooooo much easier unless you are a good welder as the rear end bolts up, therefore your hardtail is on straight and quick plus you don't need to run indicators.

I sure as hell wish I kept my triumph (stupid irresistible 86's!) because if I had I wouldn't be waiting for my xs frame to get back from the welder and the bike would have been ready in an afternoon!

Here is an incredibly shit picture of my lame ass mock up before I sent the frame off to get welded. Now all I have to do is shave the fork for my drum brake wheel I sourced and re- build my first motorbike engine...


Oh and to answer your other question rather than dribbling crap, try www.jockeyjournal.com or www.chopperunderground.com otherwise there is a million cool blogs or you can grab copy's of dice, greasy kulture or horse backstreet choppers (that on is a little hit and miss).

31-08-09, 06:12 PM
thanks heaps man, nice mock up thats pretty much the stance im after, so with my frame being a 75 id have to weld a hard tail rear onto it? that shouldnt be much of a problem as i have a tig and mig i can use. or is it worth buying a frame and using the bonnie as a donor?

31-08-09, 06:37 PM
if you buy an aftermarket frame you may have issues engineering it (if you ever bothered or got caught...). if you can weld go for it, I cant to save my life and its hard to get them on straight without a jig. Old models will not have a compliance plate either so you can almost do whatever the hell you want to them as long as you have a front and rear light.

It sits really flat when you actually see it and i'm actually a little concerned at how low it will be haha.

31-08-09, 06:42 PM
id probably wouldn't bother with engineering until i got caught, im confident with my welding skills so ill think ill go that path. now where to start lol