View Full Version : WTB 1.5 Slim Wheel Nuts

05-08-09, 11:43 PM
Hey all,

i just bought a set of sparco NS II's and i dont have any wheel nuts to fit em on my toyota, i need 1.5 size, if anyone could help out or have wheel nuts for sale that would fit, would apprieciate, PM or txt me on 0415 504 556


06-08-09, 04:18 AM
Kiks R40 nuts... ask JDM Yard.

06-08-09, 07:31 AM
GoodSpanner in Brookvale sell different type of wheel nuts to suit various rims.

16-08-09, 03:03 AM
cheers guys, ill hav a look

17-08-09, 02:06 PM
T1R nuts are slim type