View Full Version : Project Mu G-Four 335 G/Four 335 Brake Fluid Now Available

13-08-09, 05:26 AM

Hi All,

Following up on our recent announcement that we have been appointed as an official dealer for Project Mu, we are now able to supply Genuine Project Mu G/Four 335 Brake Fluid ...


Project Mu G/Four 335 Brake Fluid is a 100% synthetic brake fluid for high performance driving. With a dry boiling point of 335°c and wet boiling point of 212°c this fluid offers excellent all round performance.

When upgrading your brake system, you should always improve the quality of your fluid to match the increased demands on your braking system.

- Dry boiling point: 335℃
- Wet boiling point: 221℃
- Type: 100% Synthetic

Pricing and more info is available on our website at ...


- Adam