View Full Version : cheap/good price resprayer and xforce twinloop

18-08-09, 09:31 PM
need a fender resprayed, thats the main thing

but i also wanna get the hood debadged and holes filled then resprayed

then respray my front bar

then respray my rear bumper as its got a few scuff marks, and i wanna debadge the "prelude" but the paint is peeling underneath, so if i pull of the letters, the paint peels off with it

also respray the boot, as i wanna get the holes from the badge and wing filled then resprayed

thats the main things i guess, so with that, i thought it would be easiest to get the whole car resprayed, also to get rid of the deep scratches

anyone know who will do a respray in the original color for cheap? or atleast get the main things done for cheap?


also looking for a twin loop exhaust

for my bb6 and a eg5

19-08-09, 01:48 PM
pm sent michaelllll