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19-08-09, 07:29 AM

Import Bible - Automotive Apparel
I'm proud to announce the arrival of the Series Three collection.

All t-shirts listed here are silk screened on to American Apparel tee's (slim fitting and super soft)

Prices are $25 USD per shirt and shipping is $5 USD per shirt shipped to North America or $8 USD per shirt shipped to outside of North America.

Checkered Logo
http://www.importbible.com/designs/checkered/2.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-3/checkered-logo-shirt/)

With the release of series three I have created Import Bibles first logo shirt. This basic concept consists of the FD3S blueprint drawing embedded within the lettering, surrounded by checkered stripes.

Evo (CT9A)
http://www.importbible.com/designs/evo/2.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-3/evo-shirt/)

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was initially created as a means of adhering to WRC rules. It soon turned out that there would be a growing market for these fast saloons. The concept of a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine and 4 wheel systems is still being produced till this day. The CT9A generation is considered the best thus far, spanning the Evo VII, VIII, and IX models.

Good Life
http://www.importbible.com/designs/good_life/2.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-3/good-life-shirt/)

It is obvious that the good life should come with exclusive cars. Rival manufactures Ferrari and Lamborghini both produce luxurious vehicles meant only for wealth. In the 80's and 90's, these brands created cars with engines mounted behind the driver, leaving room only in the hood for the groceries.

http://www.importbible.com/designs/legend/2.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-3/legend-shirt/)

The Legend is the tame race driver on the popular show Top Gear, this unidentified individual is responsible for various driving duties such as drag racing and setting laps. Although the Legend rarely speaks we gain knowledge of a few interesting things, like its passion for classical music and driving fast.

Old School (AE86)
http://www.importbible.com/designs/old_school/2.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-3/old-school-shirt/)
http://www.importbible.com/designs/old_school/4.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-3/old-school-shirt/)

The AE86 is known for its rev happy engine and its balanced chassis. It gained reputation as an underdog in the drift scene; however the hit anime Initial D would help popularize this car. Although Toyota stopped producing cult classic cars, the AE86 still enjoys a strong following.

All orders come with a set of Import Bible stickers (While supplies last), and all new shirts have our own tags.

And of course all old designs are on sale currently so check it, and help spread the word!

Visit http://www.importbible.com for details.

19-08-09, 08:13 AM
That 86 shirt should sell like hotcakes.

19-08-09, 10:27 AM
Love the new shirts! Will place my order as soon as i confirm the size ;D

19-08-09, 10:34 AM
Just bought 3 shirts! I bought a meduim last time, so got 3 smalls this time round... hope there not too tight :S

The Panda
19-08-09, 10:58 AM
Broskies its the stig. Not the legend. Just a note :)

19-08-09, 11:30 AM
oh i get paid on monday... pay day cant come soon enough :(

01-09-09, 09:32 AM
received the tshirt last night!
*thumps up* for another great experience with import bible!