View Full Version : Kaixen HID - Still going?

01-03-07, 04:21 PM
Anyone with a Kaxien HID kit. (There was a G/B here awhile ago) How are they going? Have you had any issues?

Mine switched themselves off yesterday about 2mins from home and I could not turn them back on again straight away. Weird.

Could this be a bad earth? Are the ballasts supposed to be earth or insulated from the car body?

01-03-07, 04:46 PM
I hate to see an unanswered post... I didnt have Kaixen, but my Xetronic HID's did a similar thing and I think the ballast was just finished. Have reverted back to normal H4's now... I miss the light output though!

01-03-07, 05:48 PM
Bought mine from the group buy, but only sell to middleman recently. Hence don't expect any issues as yet.

01-03-07, 06:56 PM
I keep hearing good things about Kaixen .... still havent bought any though.

01-03-07, 10:58 PM
did you turn the high beams on at all?

Middle Man
02-03-07, 11:01 AM
Bought mine from the group buy, but only sell to middleman recently. Hence don't expect any issues as yet.

Yeah no issues at all - my mates who have the same kit havent experienced any problems either (touch wood) :)

03-03-07, 01:26 AM
I'm using Kaixen bulbs atm.. still going strong :)

03-03-07, 01:30 AM
did you turn the high beams on at all?

It was comming out of a corner near home where I have to turn off the indicator manually, so I may have accidentally nudged the high beams.

Could this cause them to turn off? I'm using h4 bulbs and a low-beam only kit.

Trolls Royce
03-03-07, 03:04 AM
So you don't have a high beam in theory keith?

03-03-07, 09:13 AM
Basically, when you flick from low to high beam, the low beam bulbs are switched off and the high beams on. With halogen bulbs this is fine. With HIDs, the last thing you want is constant re-ignition of the bulbs, as it kills them. You will also get a brief moment of 'no light' when flicking from high beam to low beam where the bulbs have to reignite.

If you make a relay kit with uprated loom which not only protects your lighting loom, but also keeps the HIDs on when flicking to high beam. It also has a 'flash' protection. This stops the HIDs being ignited if you flash your headlights by pulling back the stalk. Only the high beams flash.

The problem shouldn't happen with factory fitted HIDs as they should be setup like this to start with.

04-03-07, 01:42 AM
Chris - naw no high beam.

That's some good info on the relay. They are h4's though, so there is only 1 bulb, that's why I thought it would be strange for them to turn off when high-beam is flicked. I will test it tomorrow.

05-03-07, 03:50 PM
How good are these Kaixen Kits???

How do they compare to the OEM kits that people like Xenon Depot and HID planet(http://www.hidplanet.com/rs6.html) are selling??