View Full Version : WTB: URGENT - Rear Drive Axels suit AE86 KOUKI DISC

02-10-09, 06:24 PM
Hey guys,

The left rear drive-axel has spun its last spin!

The only one's i can source are 2weeks away, coming in from japan... Was hoping if someone had a pair or just the left spare?

0434 413 184

p.s. If some of you ae86 guys can source them for me as a normal price (i been getting quotes for around 140-160), ill give you $30 for your help!!

03-10-09, 12:08 PM
go on ae86dc or hachiroku.com and PM John.. (sprinterman86.. something like that) he is king

03-10-09, 01:20 PM
go on ae86dc or hachiroku.com and PM John.. (sprinterman86.. something like that) he is king

I'm not a member!

Can you, lol it'll make you $30! lol

03-10-09, 10:12 PM
hey was just reading your more power hachi thread, dont bother withth new axle, it'll happen again and again, did to me twice both times the car was off the road for a couple months, if it wast the axle it was the crown n pinion, just fix it right the first time with a hilux diff n forget about breaking it again. that way if you want more power be it a little or a lot you wont need to worry bout it breaking again..

oh n try Irish Paul, 0418 883 399, he helped me out everytime.

Cheers Will

04-10-09, 01:03 AM
Irish Paul sounds familiar,

Think i met him at a skidpan day, he was driving a plum coloured 86, crazy driver and pretty much knew alot about 86s.

07-10-09, 02:10 PM
Know's alot about beer also.

07-10-09, 03:28 PM
The t-series will be fine behind a 4age motor, please dont get a heavy hilux diff.
People are running 4age with s series diff still lol.
If your running forced induction and over 170rwkw go hilux, but thats not the case.

23-10-09, 12:40 PM
Anyone heard for Paul??

His part-cars were meant to arrive, and I haven't heard from him? Left him a few missed calls and a text. Normally he's quite to reply or call back? but nothing this week.