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19-10-09, 09:06 AM
Hi guys
Up for sale is my is 73 Vintage CB250 with 12months rego.
Reason for sale is that i was going to turn it into a Cafe racer or bobber but realize I don't have the skill to do it and also the lack of tools.
The bike at the moment is in complete and in a running condition. The bike idles at 1000rpm and has no problems changing through all the gears.
During the time I've owned the bike, the only problem is that the fuel tap started leaking from the fuel tap and what this did is it blistered the black wrinkle finish paint on the engine, so now the bike is a bit patchy where the paint has come off and would needed to be paint stripped to look great again.
The leak now has been fixed with a new two way petrol feed fuel tap.
The bike is also running a pair of 32mm Keihin CV type Carburetors that have been rebuilt and balanced and would look great with a pair of pod filters on it.
Front fork seals have been replaced recently so no oil leaks.
All electrics on the bike is working.
Looking to sell the bike for $1500
Located in Smithfield NSW
Test rides welcome on genuine interest, but if you drop it or wreck it means you bought it.
Can be contacted on 0401 471 604 for viewing
Pics will be up this afternoon if not then tomorrow morning

Note: bike does come with air filter covers painted in gold, just havent't put them on, will come with the bike.
Bike also has new handle grips, throttle cable, tacho cable and a workshop repair manual.








19-10-09, 09:27 AM
waiting on pics...

19-10-09, 05:12 PM
cheap daily.

19-10-09, 08:28 PM
bump, pictures now uploaded

19-10-09, 11:59 PM
wow that looks really cool!! umm ever thought of changing the speedo to read kph not mph... lols

20-10-09, 08:14 AM
wow that looks really cool!! umm ever thought of changing the speedo to read kph not mph... lols

hehe yeah i did, but would have to source one from the uk. But on the other hand i wanted to keep true the year it was made.
Its not so bad, my rule of thumb is 40mph is about 60kmh

21-10-09, 08:26 AM

21-10-09, 05:54 PM
As soon as I close up shop it gets the treatment!

Cheers Simon

21-10-09, 06:01 PM
Aww i was gonna call you next week after all the assessments were done!

21-10-09, 06:09 PM
too slow man! I need a slightly more practical bike after chopping the xs and this little baddie fitted the bill perfect.

21-10-09, 08:31 PM
Plans to resto it? or just leaving it as is as simply a daily?

21-10-09, 11:39 PM
I will tracker it until the xs is done so it's easier/more comfy to double the girl around on and then once I finished the xs I think it's time I had another cafe' bike.

I had an hour to kill before I picked my GF up from work so I dug through my spares to see what I had that would work and took some "unnecessary" parts off of it. Unfortunately the nitro heads seat I had wont work so I will have to make one and fit the other bars I have tomorrow as well as make new guards.

here are some half asses I phone pics, excuse the boxes and junk as we just moved in and haven't finished unpacking haha.



A bad shot of the old filters I had in a box of junk


I cant wait until I finally get this thing finished! At least it gave me an excuse for a second bike!


22-10-09, 11:01 AM
I felt so sad when i saw it leave but i'm sure you'll turn it a bad ass looking thing.
Please keep in contact so i can see how the project goes. Also if you open the tool box holder on the bike you'll find a decent pair of hose clamps, forgot to take it out but its all good buddy
Cheers Si

22-10-09, 08:00 PM
Noice rob. get that on road quick smart!

In all honesty all i wnated the bike cause it was cheap and it woudlve been good to rip it apart and really learn the mechanics of it. i just finished all my work so i got spare time to play with some hahahahaha. p.s build thread for your bike is NEEDED! :D or is it on a blog somewhere

22-10-09, 09:37 PM
waaaaaaaaaaaaay too lazy for that I'm afraid.

Bikes always show up, I'd go for a little two stroke if I wanted a small bike to learn on as my one and only bike. Look out for an yamaha rd250 or a suzuki t250 of the same vintage, they will be lighter, way faster and have the whole rare/uncommon unique factor going for them.

24-10-09, 03:00 PM
theres acutally a cd250 im eying right now :o

25-10-09, 10:23 PM
cool, check out http://www.heiwa-mc.jp/ then.

26-10-09, 12:17 AM
hey mate how did you make that cafe styled one? are they originally made from the cb chassis?

im heaps new to bikes

26-10-09, 11:32 AM
If you mean the gold tank honda at this stage it was more a matter of stripping off what wasn't needed on a stock bike and adding lower bars which simon had already fitted to it.

If you mean the other bike, that falls into the chopper category (cafe bikes are low and set up as a handling bike, kind of an old sports bike I guess) and you need to get a new rear section made up and welded on. some old bikes are simply able to unbolt the rear end and bolt the new one on which makes life a lot easier!. It is a yamaha xs650 and Kaws is building a honda framed xs powered chopper atm and has pics on here somewhere too.