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20-10-09, 11:56 AM

As part of Council's request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) in regards to the Wyong Automotive Racing Precinct (WARP) project, Council received a completed questionnaire and/or an expression of support from you. As a result, we have retained your contact details to keep you informed on the progress of the WARP project.

As advised in my previous email, a briefing of the Councillors was held on 23 September 2009. At that briefing, Councillors were presented with the findings of the expression of interest process and also the findings of site investigations. Councillors made a decision to investigate two potential sites in more detail.
These investigations are now underway and it is important to note that at this stage, a preferred site has not been selected.

A report to Council is now being prepared based on these further investigations. This report is expected to be considered by Council on 25 November 2009 and will be available for viewing on Council's website from Friday 20 November 2009. If there is any change to these dates, I will provide a further update.

so it is still moving along!

(quicker than i had expected, lol!)

20-10-09, 11:57 AM
a bit of background:


moo moo nel
20-10-09, 12:15 PM
probably completed in 2020

23-10-09, 10:46 PM
So far good news!!!

08-12-09, 11:02 PM
Update in original WARP thread