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20-09-06, 01:47 PM
Been Lurking here for way to long, so I thought I should at least post up my bundle of fun.

It's caused me a bit of trouble of late with a Rooted Fuel Pump and Fried Alternator but other than that it has been a lot of fun.

In the last 3 months the car has undergone a total re-wiring now and a tidy up, the amount of shit that was in the engine bay from the old engine was unbeleivable and the interior resembled a rubbish tip. A bit of spit and polish made the car look 100x better, but still some rough patches of paint and dents are still visible when looked at close.

I have done a heap of rust repair too since ownership, Biggest things been the doors and rear hatch which will need complete replacing as the rust is now getting extremely close to the locks.

Speaking of locks, I replaced all the locks (which could be opened with a long fingernail :shock: ) with Solex locks and added a battery cut off switch. Combined with the Dizzy cap been removed it would be a lot of hassle to steal :D

Mechanically the car doesn't have much left from the stock 323, the Tailshaft and diff is the only original parts left which has handled pretty good so far with almost 3x the original power been put through it.

The diff will be replaced with a Borg Warner From a R31 Skyline, and a LSD centre is in it. I was considering a minispool but the LSD would easily cope.

The clutch is a heavy duty unit and is connected to a RX4 4 speed gearbox wich is awesome but the ratios are a bit short to be ran on the highway.

Moving to the engine, The stock 1.4 donk has been replaced with a Series 3 12a with the stock Nikki Carby and K&N filter. It is putting out 87rwkw @ 6100rpm on Shootout mode at Berowra Dyno tuning centre. The RPM was so low as the carby was running out off puff and was actualy losing power. Replacing the fuel pump and Putting through some Carby cleaner solution The power now starts to drop off at 7300rpm, so I'm confident of cracking 90rwkw after a tune.

Only engine mods are a DBR gilmer drive, Rx4 radiator, Ser II oil cooler (mounted behind number plate) a Alloy coolant catch can and a Rotorsport Engine Crossmember

Exhaust is 2 1/4 mandrel bent system with a single muffler and no resonator, it's bloody loud :D

The interior is in pretty good order, it has Series 5 RX-7 Convertable seats which have speakers in the headrest :?

A simple sony tapedeck and a 6 stacker controls the music, and JBL 6.5 inch coaxials in the doors, the stereo isnt connected at the moment as 1) you cant hear it over the exhaust 2) the speakers were so dodgy mounted to the doortrims they would rattle and shake all the time and generally sounded shithouse. Some custom MDF doortrims with embossing and map pockets is on the cards.

Brakes and suspension were also upgraded to pass engineering laws, Volvo 4 piston Calipers and VH Commodore disc up front and stock rear drums with 626 heatsinks on the rear. Suspension is left stock up back which isn't too bad but the front has been replaced with Series 2 RX-7 struts and coils with an aftermarket Coilover conversion to make them height adjustable, it has spax springs and Pedders shocks.

Wheels are Performance Branded 14 x 6 with peice of shit Madison tyres on the back and Dunlop's on the front.

I don't really have any outlandish plans for the car as it is already engineered and it would be a hassle to go through it all again, maybe a small bridge or extend port and a 48mm webber to bring it up to around 110rwkw and do mid 13's but right now Im happy with it at the moment.

Here are some pictures, this is pretty much how I got the car, it is a bit neater now though.

From head on, aint she ugly :D I changed the plates to my regular White on Blacks that have been in the family for 3 generations.


The fully sick interior, notice the small holes in the headrest for the speakers!


The engine bay with the blingin leads and oil filler cap.


BooYeah! Mazda power!


Look at that, big brakes and plastic carbon fibre 8)


Gauges, you can never have enough of em :D I have Volts, Oil Pressure and water temperature to keep an eye on things, no fully sick monster tacho though.


Intimidating huh :D


No, its not a fake front mount, It's a series 2 rx7 oil cooler baby!


And here is a video to drool over, you can tell a car is hardcore awesome when it takes 3 goes to start and almost dies on idle. Yes, that is my mum asking how to turn off the video recording on my phone :D




20-09-06, 01:54 PM
Excellent! We need more rotas :)

20-09-06, 02:18 PM
WTF! Speakers in the headrest! thats crazy! hahaha love it :D

im guessin you scare the shit outa alot of drivers out there. would love to have the time to build something cool like this

20-09-06, 02:23 PM
thats neat as, i love it :)

20-09-06, 02:44 PM
Those seats are EASILY the best feature of that car! lmao .

A mate used to have one of those 323s with a 13b .... went like no tmmw and ripped a pretty mean skid :)

Justin Fox
20-09-06, 02:51 PM
Definitely not the oldest car:


But nice man, love the seats!

20-09-06, 06:52 PM
Nope, I'm not the oldest either!


Cool car, these seem to be immensely popular at the moment. I like what you've done. Subtle.

20-09-06, 06:58 PM
gunna represent!

20-09-06, 08:26 PM
got crusty brake rotors??? hahah

20-09-06, 08:40 PM
Cool car, these seem to be immensely popular at the moment.
Probably because theres still a lot around in comparison to rx3s, 4s, 1300's ..... im still partial to 1300 wagons and coupes ;)

rx 075
23-02-12, 01:19 PM
I have a 72 rx2.

23-02-12, 01:23 PM
Holy thread revival Batman!!

23-02-12, 01:30 PM
How the hell..

23-02-12, 03:59 PM
Holy thread revival Batman!!

I hear that

Bronald McDonald
23-02-12, 05:39 PM
Posting for no reason

23-02-12, 05:42 PM
love a tidy sleeper..nice

best guy
23-02-12, 06:08 PM
the fact that you fitted solex locks pretty much carbon dates this thread to the early-mid 2000s

23-02-12, 06:29 PM
Awesome stuff man
Always Good to see more rotas
A good mate of mine has jc 13b turbo in his awesome car..
If you ever need any parts etc
Giv us a yell I has lots lol

White ep
23-02-12, 06:51 PM
I win 1955 fj .end thread.

23-02-12, 10:14 PM
Oldest thread on here?

And to add to that biggest thread dig too...

23-02-12, 11:43 PM
Awesome stuff man
Always Good to see more rotas
A good mate of mine has jc 13b turbo in his awesome car..
If you ever need any parts etc
Giv us a yell I has lots lol

this is kinda an old thread....

but yeah heaps epic if its still around, sounds so dope in the video

24-02-12, 04:31 PM
It's came up in my new thread section on my phone
Plus there was a couple people commenting before me man

24-02-12, 05:55 PM
Cant believe the pics still work!