View Full Version : Logitech G25 want.

24-10-09, 08:15 PM
I want one, im probably going to the shops to pick one up tomrorow but just posting this up incase i can get a 2nd hand one cheaper.

theyre going for $260 at the stores so anything below that.

pick-up sydney

contact via PM throw me details, condition, pics if you can and price.

Serial Killa
24-10-09, 08:15 PM
G25 get

24-10-09, 08:39 PM
you have one for sale or you just saying? or do you have one and we will battle it out lfs styles when i get one :D

Serial Killa
24-10-09, 08:42 PM
I have the one that goes 900 but it doesnt have the shifter. Sorry :(

PM me when you do i'd love to get LFS cracking again :)

24-10-09, 09:14 PM
I bought mine yday at BBC computers, Parra for $250 new

25-10-09, 02:18 AM
250? fuck yeas. thanks rambo. i'll settle for that.

i just came back home i think my brother wants in on this wheel thing and wants to chip in for the fanatec porche 911 so it can play with his xbox too.

Yeah we'l lget some LFS happenin cereal kirra. ill let you know. im way to pov for a car at the mo so this'll have to do LOL

25-10-09, 09:11 AM
I've borrowed one from a mate to play GT5P - AWESOME UNIT!, can't wait to get the G27

25-10-09, 12:11 PM
Yeha i saw them for sale reading a few reviews there doesnt seem to be a gerat deal of difference i think the value is in the g25 in all honesty. like the main sellnig points im picking up from it is its got 6 buttons now and they fixed up the noisy shifter. thats all. I mean there could be more but thats all im getting. hahah

25-10-09, 12:22 PM
GOT one.. love it !! get a seat too attach it !

Peaking Duck
25-10-09, 12:27 PM
the got a PS2 steering wheel collecting dust.. may need abit of turps to get the layer of dust off.. haha

its one of the first GranTurismo units.. the black plastic one with blue accents.

anyone can have it for close to peanuts as soon i find the PSU for it. im talking $40

25-10-09, 12:41 PM
Haha nah sorry mate, im really only after one of the two units mentioned above g25 or fanatec porsche 911 wheel. ill probably op for the g25 fk xbox360 compatibility. lol

26-10-09, 08:15 PM
I have one (G25) which I have used a few times, awesome wheel - $220 ono

Got 2 Silvias and a Clubman gokart (which I still haven't driven for over a year) lol

PM if interested.