View Full Version : 6pot Endless Brake Kit

25-10-09, 11:10 PM
yes, looking for second hand endless brake kit
it has to be 6pots!! not 4pots not 8pots not 100000pots
doesnt matter the spec, i can always mod it to suit my vehicle.

please TEXT me 0433552745, text -> not call
or pm me.

and whoever knows someone selling HKS Coilover for Odyssey RB1, please let me know, only HKS, i'm building full HKS Odyssey.
I'm also interested in genuine 2nd hand bodykit for Odyssey, just offer me anything.
offer me anything hks hks hks for Odyssey RB1, not exhaust, just bought Hi-Power.

please also let me know what price you are chasing, if you are chasing 90%+++ of the brand new price, dont bother..

28-10-09, 01:01 PM
HKS Coilover for RB1 fm Yahoo Auction: