View Full Version : 2010 JDMST Calendar: No longer 'just an idea'

27-10-09, 05:27 PM

Thanks to Bushtucker for the idea.

We're going to put together a printed 2010 calendar for JDMST.

This is obviously very early in the planning process, and we'll keep this thread locked so that we can more easily keep you all up to date on how it's going.

Now, because it's nearly November, we have to push hard to get this done in time. Unfortunately, "the best laid plans" often go wrong, and it could be the first couple of weeks into January before these are ready for delivery to JDMST members.

We're aiming for a 15 month calendar, so hopefully the delay won't annoy too many of you.

The photos used for the calendar will mostly be JDMST's feature cars.

We're not going to use one of those online services where you just upload your logo and the photos; this is JDMST, and just about everyone that runs this place is a designer for a living - so there'll be no halfarsed efforts with this!

We'll update this thread as soon as we have some idea of pricing (this depends on a lot of things), and then we'll work out a mock-up so you can all decide if you want to buy it.

Suggestions and ideas can be posted in Bushtucker's thread: http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread.php?t=19854

:arrow: Please note: heaps of people throwing their thoughts and ideas into the ring is often referred to as "design by committee", and a popular joke about that process is that the camel is what happened when a big group of people tried to design a horse.

What's my point? We're listening to your ideas, but at the end of the day, this calendar will look the way we want it to look. Hopefully your ideas and our ideas meet somewhere in the middle.

Please don't post every day asking for an update - we're as eager as you to get this calendar project underway, but we've all got our day jobs and our lives to live as well. When there's an update, we'll post it. We don't need to be pushed.

Cheers all. Stay tuned!