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28-10-09, 09:05 PM
As much as I LOVE my road riding, i'm thinking of getting into dirt bike riding, anyone know any decent dirt bikes and prices and things to look out for and such?


28-10-09, 09:58 PM
*waits for brasher*

28-10-09, 11:35 PM
iam selling my 09 pw80 :)

28-10-09, 11:38 PM
my brother's got a cr500 and that thing is the fastest bike i've ever driven. it sh*ts all over his cbr1000rr fireblade in terms of crazy torque and power. not what i'd recommend if you're just new getting into it though :p otherwise I've also heard good things about honda xr400's.

28-10-09, 11:44 PM
cr500 you say :P and koval i'm 6"4 i think a pw80 will be a taaaad small, lol i'd prefer a 250+

29-10-09, 12:21 AM
what kind of off road you want to get into?? and how much you willing to spend roughly.

i do the bush fire trails and hill climbs kind of stuff with a my yz 125,, not really suppose to with 125s not really made for that, more for the mx tracks.. but only every now and then.

heres pic of mine

29-10-09, 07:51 AM
I was thinking for mx tracks, ones with a few jumps and crap, and just to thrash around off road generally.

29-10-09, 12:09 PM
ahh yeh get some sort of 125 to start of with, like RM, YZ, CR or KX, they'll range from $2500-4000 for decent one depending on yr models too

29-10-09, 12:41 PM
I'll get a CRF450X when the budget allows, would never be without a road bike though.

I'd love a smoker but they are so brutal, I was wrecked after short rides of a YZ250. I'd go the 450 4T just for the bush basher capabilities

29-10-09, 11:22 PM
I think im wayyyy to huge for a 125, guy at work has a wrf400 and rates them well, just had a look at crf400r's and they look pretty decent too and arn't THAT expensive.

30-10-09, 09:37 AM
IMHO i'd stay in the sub 300s just to keep the rego cheap (i'm assuming you'll rego it to avoid having cops on WR250Fs chasing you around :P).
I ride a 1997 KTM EXC250 and I like that, it's around 40hp so it goes decently, but it's not on/off power and I've done a number of 5 hour rides on it no worries. I and a few of my friends rather like the 2 strokes though. Any of the KTM EXCs between 200 and 300 would be fine really (and KTMs are common as mud as well).
I also have a mate who is a big guy (90-95kg) who rides a Husqvarna WR125. It's 2 stroke as well and it gets along just fine with him on it, he just has to feather the clutch a bit more on hillclimbs and stuff.

It depends on what you want from your bike, do you want to do trails without really thinking about maitenance? In that case maybe go something like a XR250R which has massively long service intervals. If you want to go really fast but don't care that you'll be changing your oil and checking your valves after every ride than you could get something faster like a CRF. Something like a WR250F would fall in between the two, they are pretty popular, i see stacks around the place.

I like my KTM, it's fast but you only really have to do cursory maitenance on it until you do your top end rebuilds (it's a 2 stroke so it takes literally under an hour to do a top end rebuild start to finish) every year or two. My KTM is an enduro not a MX bike so it's not as hard on you as a YZ would be. I've ridden a 2006 RM250 and the suspension is much stiffer so it beats you up more on long rides. The power/weight is also much higher (it only weighs 93kg dry) so it's brutally fast as well (50ish hp i think the one i rode was). Having said that I could ride one for probably 4 hours and still be ok (averagely fit 28 year old).

My own experience on dirtbikes isn't huge, but i've ridden EXC250, EXC300, XR250R and RM250 and I ride trails most weekends.

My bike, looks a little rough around the edges, but it's strong like an ox!

30-10-09, 02:43 PM
alotta coppers these days ride DRZ 400's

yeh you do get good work out from mx bikes compare to enduros

good thing bout enduro bikes is you can ride in any terrarin and register them easier for conditional use or road use

30-10-09, 03:32 PM
Yeah, it's not like there is a big weight or power defecit either, my mates Husky enduro is 96kg (my bike is older, and a bit heavier at 117kg, but still not heavy really). There is only a few hp difference between the equivalent MX and enduro bikes too from what i've seen, and no doubt the enduro is biased more towards a spread of power than peak power.

Also the MX bikes have tiny fuel tanks, my bike has a 13L tank i think but my mates RM250 only has like 8L or so.

Yeah i've heard alot of the cops use DRZ400s but last weekend i saw them out on WR250Fs. I noticed their road bikes are Yamahas too, new contract perhaps?

30-10-09, 07:35 PM
By the way this is what inspired me lol.


06-11-09, 06:27 PM
Just had a ride on my mates kwaka yesterday i think its a kx or klx250, faarout that thing hauls arse makes me wanna get a dirt bike even more now!

06-11-09, 08:01 PM
do it!! or even drz250, rmz250, wr250 etc lots of options

06-11-09, 09:32 PM
Checked prices @ Bikebiz aswell there was a KXL250 for 5.2k, going to Westerns tomorrow to check out the Zooks.

I mentioned the CR500 to the guy aswell and he looked at me with horror and said those bikes should of never of been made lol.

22-11-09, 11:09 PM
Was gonna make a new thread, but thought i'd hijack this one seeing as we're both interested in the same topic.

Just wanted to know is there a big difference in power between a 125 2 stroke and a 250 2 stroke?

I've ridden a mates yz250 2 stroke, and that scared the living bejesus outta me, pretty new to dirtbikes, tho i had a cheap china 125 but that was nothing.

What i want is a bike to start off with, I want something i can rip thru gears and not be scared of it lifting off like when i had my cbr250 id go thru all the gears like nothing, tho i can't really compare that to a dirtbike, when i rode my mates 250, i was scared to boot it, had too much power.

And in terms of size, is there much difference between the 2?

23-11-09, 12:01 AM
In terms of physical size there isn't much between the two of them, my mates Husky WR125 is a touch shorter than my 250 KTM but yeah not much in it.

You'll find enduro bikes a bit less brutal with the power delivery than motorcross bikes as well, my EXC 250 is not as fast as my mates RM250 for example. The weight of the enduro is a bit higher and the engine isn't tuned so much for outright peak power.

I wouldn't worry too much about the 250 being too much bike though, i had a 2 stroke 250 as my first motorbike ever (the first motorbike i ever rode was a 300 2 stroke) and although i don't think i'll ever really feel the need for a bigger dirtbike (i mean it spins the wheel in whatever gear no worries) i think if i went something tamer i'd wanted to upgrade by now (been riding for 6 months).

p.s. 3rd gearpowerslides are fun ;).

p.p.s. invest in a some armour for when you run out of skill/luck ;)

23-11-09, 12:34 PM
Thanks for the quick response jarich, looks like I may go with the 250 then, do they need to be rebuilt often, I was looking for bikes online and most say that they've been rebuilt top and bottom end.
And do you know of any mxbike forums, trying to learn more about them, and also check for sale sections lol.
I don't have a bike yet but I'm getting excited thinking about buying the gear, always wanted to get the armour, looks hectik.

23-11-09, 01:06 PM
Once a year or so for top end rebuilds roughly. Or install an hour meter and go off that. My mates just ride them till they start getting a little harder to start then rebuild them (takes about a year).

Rebuilds are cheap and easy to DIY, getting a bike with a fresh top end is nice though. Means you get it ready to go and you can learn about them as you go (although i did the opposite, bought one cheap that needed a new barrel and and top end and went from there haha).

Mine was also unreg but it wasn't hard to get registered. Pretty much just add indicators and mirrors and it passed. I don't run mirrors usually though, but i did leave the lights on (lots of my mates remove the indicators before they go bush though, just leave the headlight, tail light and numberplate).

I wear minimal armour really, i ride with a bunch of guys who wear the top half armour suits but i prefer to stick withe elbow/knee/gloves/helmets/boots and pants (which are lightly padded). Usually I just wear that with a t-shirt haha.

I bought my knee pads and boots online from chainreactioncycles in the UK, much cheaper than locally. Got my helmet local cos i needed oz standards sticker, gloves and elbow guards are left over from when i used to race DH mountain bikes.

23-11-09, 01:49 PM
I won't be planning to register, just a fun bike to play with, always been into bikes but never really got into it cause none of my friends could afford it or weren't interested but now we kinda looking for a new hobby. I've got a helmet and gloves already from when I had the china bike, but wouldn't mind some armour tho.
So yeah do you know of any dirt bike forums? Or anyone?

26-11-09, 09:04 AM
Fair enough, although i just rego my bike to make own life easier. it's veeeery cheap for sub 301cc bikes.

Plenty of cops around on DRZ400s (or WR250Fs i've seen lately) to make your day miserable. And it's nice to be able to ride 2km down the road to a different section or whatever. I do ride with one guy who doesn't have rego but he's an ex mx racer so he's well fast enough to get away. The rest of us aren't lol. The cops are kinda cracking down most places lately cos dickheads get thumpsters and ride them around the local parks and streets to the forest and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

Ignore all that if you happen to own a property :).


26-11-09, 08:59 PM
Really, so you need a licence to ride a bike in the bush like appin or menai?

27-11-09, 10:47 AM
Yes, unless you are on private property then you need a registered bike. But it's cheap and the rego guys i've gone through are VERY lenient on dirtbikes (knowing that even if you do have mirrors etc you are just going to go home and take them off).
I ride almost entirely in state forests with maybe 10 minutes total of road riding in a 5 hour day in the bush.

27-11-09, 10:48 AM
how bout one these ,, dc shoes anyone?

27-11-09, 11:42 AM
Yes, unless you are on private property then you need a registered bike. But it's cheap and the rego guys i've gone through are VERY lenient on dirtbikes (knowing that even if you do have mirrors etc you are just going to go home and take them off).
I ride almost entirely in state forests with maybe 10 minutes total of road riding in a 5 hour day in the bush.

Shit that means I need to go for my Ls again, mine expired cause I didn't think I'd get another bike after getting hit by a van.

Hmmm.. That's sucks

27-11-09, 12:33 PM
Ahhh, bit of a pain. glad i never have to do those courses again!
Did my P's test on my KTM a few months ago. See how much i could annoy the other people there with a loud as hell smokey 2 stroke on the course lol.

27-11-09, 01:42 PM
What's likely to happen if I do get busted riding in the bush with no lic or rego?

27-11-09, 02:33 PM
Riding Unlicenced
Riding Unregistered Vehicle
Trespassing depending on the land owner.
If riding in National park additional $1500 I think

If they get you for everything it's around 4k.

Do the right thing, get your ticket and ride in the right places. You wreck the sport for those people doing the right thing and create a bad name for what is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling family sports around.

27-11-09, 02:37 PM
What he said, it's like driving around in an unreg car with no lisence etc etc.

27-11-09, 11:19 PM
Gonna book my Ls soon then, not again.

29-11-09, 10:12 PM
picking up a 00' yz125 tomorrow, cant wait.

29-11-09, 11:09 PM
So i take it u aint getting ure Ls no more ?? Good to hear ure buying a yamaha great choice.. The YZ should haul ass..

29-11-09, 11:41 PM
picking up a 00' yz125 tomorrow, cant wait.

good choice ^_^ just come out to C/town plenty of places to ride out here

29-11-09, 11:46 PM
So i take it u aint getting ure Ls no more ?? Good to hear ure buying a yamaha great choice.. The YZ should haul ass..

Still will be getting my Ls just to be on a the safe side, the bike won't be seein the road much tho.

Hopefully the 125 will drag my fat arse along. kinda wish i got a 250, but couldn't afford the extra 500-1k. Oh well in time, i'll realise i'll need a bigger bike, then i'll just sell this off.

30-11-09, 12:44 AM
Yeah i'll be looking at getting another dirt bike soon. I'll be going with a 125 2stroke as well the 4s are too expensive for me at the moment. Either a YZ or RM

how much did you pick yours up for if you dont mind saying?

30-11-09, 01:02 AM
Yeah i'll be looking at getting another dirt bike soon. I'll be going with a 125 2stroke as well the 4s are too expensive for me at the moment. Either a YZ or RM

how much did you pick yours up for if you dont mind saying?

Yeah i like the colours on the Suzuki, but couldn't find a cheap one. I paid 2k for mine, cheapest I could find, comes with a fmf expansion chamber too, so that's a bonus.

30-11-09, 08:51 AM
My mate's Husky WR125 gets him along just fine and he's 95kg or so. I daresay the YZ being a motocross bike is more powerfull than the Husky WR as well.

And you've made rego a moot point with the YZ at least lol.

30-11-09, 09:40 AM
What do you mean by moot point? Don't get it

30-11-09, 10:09 AM
you cant rego a YZ you drongo.

30-11-09, 11:29 AM
you cant rego a YZ you drongo.

lol, all good. its more of a bike for me to learn on and will be doing this on private property.

30-11-09, 09:22 PM
Just picked it up;


i also bought oneal armour and oneal pants.

30-11-09, 10:55 PM
great bike mate you cant go wrong with the old YZ I learnt on one aswell ( though I was 10)

if you want any work done to it PM me :)

21-12-09, 06:13 PM
Just out of curiosity, where can you ride a non rego'd trail bike? Only on a track? Also, to ride trails and stuff do you need a registerable trail bike?

Don't wanna buy the bike and realise I can't ride it lol.

22-12-09, 05:51 AM
only on private property or actual parks like pacific park and appin. Pretty sure NSW doesnt have the same system of rec rego like Vic and stuff so I think the only way is to get a road rego'd bike, i'm thinking the same thing at the moment

22-12-09, 11:20 AM
Yup that's right, in NSW you need to buy a registerable bike. Alot of people remove the blinkers and mirrors when they ride and no one really seems to mind as long as they are regoed. For the most part i'd do about 10 minutes of road riding for every 4 hours in the bush!