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31-10-09, 06:13 PM
Well I have had my Suzuki GS500F for a few years now and it has only racked up 6500kays but Im after something with more power and must admit I have a thing for the sound of a throbbing V Twin...

My GS500F is for sale here: http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread.php?t=19948

Since my bike is in like new condition I should get around $7K for it and was looking for a replacement in the $7-10K region.

I am looking for a torquey street bike that occasionally I can double up and take the missus for a weekend away on also (so basically a sports tourer)

I have always lusted after the VTR1000SP2 but Its slightly out of my price range and I'm thinking it's going to be too full on for me being 6'7 (and extremely low handlebars)

After having a squiz at whats out there a few that caught my eye that are currently 4sale on the market are:

2003 Honda VFR800 $6-7K


2001 Ducati 900SS full fairing $8K


2004 Aprilia SL1000R $9K

http://image.motorcyclistonline.com/f/8842735+w750+st0/0210_00zoom+2003_aprilia_sl_1000_falco_r+front_lef t_view.jpg

2007 Suzuki SV1000S$9K


Obviously the ducati being older is going to be more troublesome and expensive to maintain but its a great looking bike.

So any tips on the aforementioned models or suggestions on another model which may be suitable would be appreciated :D

31-10-09, 09:41 PM
of those options go for the suzuki sv1000, they look pretty good and sound nice too!

or just save up and get a VTR1000 SP2!!! OMG those bikes are hawt stuff, saw one the other day they sound freakin awesome!!! *drools*

01-11-09, 08:59 PM
Ducati, definitely Ducati

02-11-09, 08:37 AM
I went and looked at a work mates 900SS and it is a bit small for me, and the clutches apparently require replacing every 20k kays @ $2K.... So I might stratch the duke from the list...

Atm I am really keen on a 04 Aprilia SL1000R Falco which has done 24k kays has just been serviced has new chain new michelin power tyres Aprilia CF pipes for $9K

Torquey engine for the street check, hot v Twin sound check, comfortable for long rides check, rear pillion seat which is bigger then a ASM magazine check. If only I could now get rid of the GS500F :)

02-11-09, 09:00 AM
Ducati, definitely Ducati

why? can you elaborate?

02-11-09, 10:19 AM
what are you using the bike for zilli?

04-11-09, 01:15 AM
what are you using the bike for zilli?

Agreed, this is the correct question to ask before any recommendations can be provided. You need to also describe your riding style... i.e. do you like to rev out gears or do you like to have tons of power everywhere? For example, I love having a powerband and peaky power, I enjoy the thrill it provides.

PS. On a random side of things, my GS500F video is number 2 in search results on youtube and has 34,939 views .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt85t5ONuRw ... uploaded it yonks ago and it's still going strong. I heard the cops love those kinda videos so I deleted all my other 'street' videos.. but like this video being 'famous' haha.