View Full Version : wtb: NSW SYD

02-11-09, 02:26 PM
We're doing some farm work during the holidays so it would be good to have some box to drive around in.

So if anyone has a car they want to get rid off free or cheap let us know.

Preferablly manual&rwd as it probably will be tempting to bash the shit out of.

drop me a PM. we don't want to spend too much probably <500 or maybe abit more if it has rego because it needs to be taken to livo somehow.


um i forgot to add paddock basher into the title how can i change?

02-11-09, 03:48 PM
lol theres this corolla ae82 stripped out to the max ... only seat and cluster, good engine? on sexspec forum for like less then $500 in sydney

ill try find the link