View Full Version : Toyota Aristo JZS145 S145 JZS147 S147 Works Bell Paddle Shifter Bundles Now Available

07-12-09, 10:02 PM


Hi All,

Following up on our announcement about the new Works Bell Paddle Shifter bundles for the R35 GT-R (shown above), we are very pleased to announce two Works Bell paddle shifter bundles for the Toyota Aristo S145 / S147.

Two versions of the paddle shifter bundle for the Aristo are available. One is for customers who do not require a quick release, and the other is for customers who want the steering wheel and paddle shifter to detach via the quick release.

The Aristo bundle without a quick release is here ...


The Aristo bundle with a quick release is here ...


The bundle with a quick release is currently on sale because the Rapfix II is on sale.

See this post for info on our Rapfix II sale ...


- Adam