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11-12-09, 12:58 AM
Hi all Ive got a old 1994 Yz 125 that isnt running down the back shed I was thinking about converting it to a rat street bike (suspension, engine swap, lights all the usual jazz kinda like one of the Deus ex bikes) If I want to ever legally ride it on the road what do I need to do? go get it engineered? who do I have to go and see?

any help would be greatly appricated

11-12-09, 09:06 AM
Well i can't imagine it being easy to get it on the road, the YZ itself was never road legal in the first place and probably lacks a compliance plate at all.

11-12-09, 12:59 PM
Cant be registered.

You can try and score an old WR125 frame and compliance plate and swap all the gear over.

More hassle than it's worth.

11-12-09, 03:52 PM
sent ya a pm bro.