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Given that this forum is called JDM Style Tuning, let's check on what "JDM" actually means.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_domestic_market reads ...

The term Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) is used by companies in Japan to refer to the local market for domestic goods and services, as opposed to the international, non-Japanese market.

Within the automotive hobbyist import scene, this term most commonly refers to Japanese-brand automobiles and parts designed and constructed to conform to Japanese vehicle and equipment regulations and to suit Japanese market preferences.".

This forum is called JDM Style Tuning. It's not called "Stick As Many Knockoff Parts On Your Car As Possible Style Tuning".

As mentioned often in threads, if you can't afford brand new genuine products from the original innovative manufacturers, then genuine used is often an option. See this post for more info ...


Links and posts about quality and true JDM ...

1. Ben @ TheRealJDM's article titled "An Inconvenient Truth…about JDM - AKA The Death of Innovation" ...



2. Ben @ TheRealJDM's article titled "JDM Lifestyle - ASM’s Dry Carbon Business Card Holder" ...



3. Ben @ TheRealJDM's article titled "Titanium Custom Exhausts - 4 Cannister Sport Bike" ...


4. How To Select A Steering Quick Release & How The Genuine Works Bell Rapfix II quick release is made ...

http://www.tunersgroup.com/How_To_Select_A_Steering_Quick_Release_%26_How_The _Works_Bell_Rapfix_II_is_made.html

5. How Rays Wheels Are Manufactured Video ...



6. CEC Wheels' Article Titled "AC Schnitzer Destroys Counterfeit Wheels" ...


7. The fight against fakes and counterfeiters - an eye opening documentary ...


8. Ben @ TheRealJDM's article titled "The Definition of Hard Core JDM - Porsche by Rauh-Welt" ...

Part of it reads ...


"I’ve been collecting photos of Rauh-Welt cars over the past few months as I hold out for this mega-post.

Why? Because the cars they build are simply the epitome of hard core JDM wangan style. ...

Having visited Tokyo’s wangan on a few occasions I already know first hand the feeling of fear that seeing a modified 911 in my rear mirror brings. The air cooled engines are loud as hell when modified with straight through exhausts and these cars carry the nastiest widebody stance of any car out there. In a sense cars like these are the pioneers of the popular widebody style that we all love now.

Granted I am speaking in nostalgic terms whereas these cars I’m about to feature are modern built cars, with a late 80s/early 90s ultra aggressive wangan style. What you’re about to see is some of the most incredibly hardcore wheel fitments ever. Some of the most hardcore GT wings ever. And generally speaking, some of the most hardcore battle worn cars ever coming out of Japan. And yes…the base car itself is not JDM. Get over it, JDM tuning is a world wide movement and can apply to nearly any car. If you dont know, now you know…"

The full article is here ...


9. Ben @ TheRealJDM's comments about quality in his article titled "Endless Brakes - Fo Sho!? Dispelling Popular Misconceptions", part of which reads ...

"So why do these cars run Endless brakes? Why do so many top cars at the shows and in the magazines run Endless brakes? Why do so many Japanese tuning shops make brakes that are re-branded Endless brakes to promote their brand? Is it because Endless is trendy and cool? Because it is JDM Tite YO!?


Here is your answer (one example of many):

2009 Nuburgring 24 hour race results:

Top 12 overall: 7 out of the top 8 cars, including #1, 2 and 3 ran Endless full brakes and/or pads!

For this same reason Endless has become the top brake pad choice by Porsche racing teams…IN GERMANY (not just Japan). I have the list of the teams and their pads for proof ...

Let me state it like this…trends are trends. Quality is quality. Trends go in and out of style. Quality lasts forever. More than anything else, when I plan a car build I make sure that every part I use is absolute quality. This is (essential) to ensuring that a quality car build is still quality many years later. Case in point - Name a played out, old or unimpressive Top Secret demo car. You can go back 15 years and never find one that isnt impressive. Then pick up a import magazine from four years ago and I guarantee you half of the cover cars they ran are embarrassing by today’s standards.

That is the difference between trends and quality. Quality doesn’t go out of style, it doesn’t embarrass you years later like a bad 80s hair cut. It is the foundation of any quality car build."

The full article is here ...


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We've just done a new post titled "Some Japanese S2000's and Mini's" which has a ton of photos of how these cars are currently being modified in Japan ...


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