View Full Version : JDMST Girls Tees (size 10) - 3 left!

Justin Fox
24-01-10, 11:05 AM
Hi all,

Whilst scrounging around for parts to sell as last weekend's Swap Meet I found 3 brand new girls's T's.


They're a women's size 10. 100% cotton. $20 sent anywhere in Australia.

Payment details:
Westpac Bank Account
Justin Fox
BSB: 732022
Account Number: 511745

Be sure to use your forum name in the description field AND send me a PM with you FULL ADDRESS.

25-01-10, 03:48 PM
I would buy this specific design for a men's size if you have some made up?

25-01-10, 03:53 PM
i need 1 for natalie

03-03-10, 09:39 PM
I'm with vishes, are there going to be any designs for mens? Also, are u going to make more in size 8 womens?

Justin Fox
04-03-10, 09:53 AM
New T design will be ready mid year.