View Full Version : Motovert RX 125

27-01-10, 02:40 AM
thinking about getting one of these Motovert RX 125 to do little run arounds


any one ever ridden one? just want to know how they go.
i will not be using it as my main mean of transportation and rather just a cruise around on weekends or around uni campus :lol:

also bit worried that some one will just pick it up take off with it in the back of a ute if i park it some where... would probaly have to chain it to something like a pushy

also keep in mind i dont live in a city or wont be going on freeway/bypass with this

27-01-10, 12:20 PM
I don't think it would be wise to hop on the freeway with a pitbike. lol

27-01-10, 02:39 PM
yeah you will get run over. they top out at 90kph or something with stock gearing

27-01-10, 02:45 PM
Just buy a cheap full size moto? Won't cost any more than one of those chinese shitheaps.