View Full Version : Sloooooow?

15-02-10, 09:36 PM
Forums seem to be lagging tonight with a serious degree of severity?

I'll click a thread title, get the JDMST header up straight away and then years later the rest of the page content loads.

Not sure what's happening, but wondering whether I'm alone in this?

15-02-10, 09:36 PM
seems ok for me?

15-02-10, 09:40 PM
It's fallen out of VTEC for me too

15-02-10, 09:42 PM
i had this issue a couple of days back. Today seems to be fine.

15-02-10, 09:49 PM
yerh has this issue for about 20mins, now its fine!

15-02-10, 10:23 PM
yeh i thought i was capped for second

seems to be fine now though

15-02-10, 10:25 PM
yer for me too. seems okay now but.

15-02-10, 11:13 PM
just happened to me aswell.

working fine now, hopefully.

15-02-10, 11:42 PM
It's payback for selling your car Ryan..

17-02-10, 12:08 AM
It's payback for selling your car Ryan..


Justin Fox
17-02-10, 09:34 AM
I've noticed it too. I am looking into this.

17-02-10, 04:02 PM
Justin, check the maintenance schedules in the vB admincp. The forum could have screwy timezones and is running the database optimisations at peak times. Its happened to me on a few occasions on my vB's. You can use the phpinfo function to see what timezone php/mysql is using. :)

22-02-10, 11:00 PM
Having this problem again tonight, as I described in the first post. Header loads, everything else takes a day to appear and pictures aren't loading either?

22-02-10, 11:43 PM
fine for me tonight

Justin Fox
23-02-10, 09:12 AM
Guys it's an advertising issue with the Yokohama advertisement. The server it's hosted on is stalling our forum. They're onto it though and have moved to a faster web server. We just have to sit tight for a week more.

05-03-10, 12:11 AM
sloow tonight.. or just me?

05-03-10, 12:17 AM
Was kinda slow about an hour or 2 before

05-03-10, 12:21 AM
Yeah its pretty bad tonight..

Justin Fox
05-03-10, 01:14 AM
100% slow. I will hit up the advertisers tomorrow. If they can't resolve this I am happy to take the advertising off. We'll lose money which we always put back into JDMST but I'd rather lose money than have a forum that doesn't load because of advertising!!!

Sit tight. I'll address this tomorrow.

Serial Killa
05-03-10, 01:17 AM
It's probably just 1 advertiser

Thanks Justin :)

Justin Fox
05-03-10, 01:18 AM
It's both Advan and Castrol. I've taken them both off, fast now right?! SO FAST!

05-03-10, 01:49 AM
Man, it's so awesome at this moment. Wish we didn't need the advertisers so much! :P

05-03-10, 11:26 PM
It's sped it up for me. Mine was seriouuuusssllllyyyy slloooooowwww for a few days.

05-03-10, 11:46 PM
Man, it's so awesome at this moment. Wish we didn't need the advertisers so much! :P

You can always donate, I guess :)

06-03-10, 04:20 PM
Nice to see its quicker JFox, jsut sucks its the advertisers we lose out on

Justin Fox
06-03-10, 04:39 PM
Agreed. I preferred this kind of advertising rather than the Google ads we had on there before as these guys were much more related than internet dating services.

Justin Fox
11-03-10, 10:55 AM
Oh yeah! The go2space guys have spent a lot of time (and money!) getting their banner serving optimised and now it's killer fast!

As always, please support our sponsors as they support us, get clickin' peeps. Thanks in advance for being patient, supporting and understanding.