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12-03-10, 02:31 PM
Well, 2010 has started very quickly, we are past round two of the
Supersprints and the Motorkhana season has started. JSCC now has over 60
full members with a massive variety of cars including Honda, Nissan,
Mazda, Ford, VW, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Suzuki, and Holden made vehicles.
Being an internet based car club, we have not yet met all the members, but
hopefully we will see more of you this year at events, cruises or

For 2010 we envisage a series of driver training exercises, a good
Supersprinting season, some Motorkhana action and some cruises and DIY
days and information nights. To get the most out of these activities, we
need both your input and involvement and also your help.

The JSCC annual general meeting is to be held straight after Easter on
Tuesday the 6th of April at CAMS HQ at Olympic Park. The purpose of this
meeting is two-fold; firstly it is a requirement that we have some formal
matters approved for lodgment with the NSW Government as part of being an
Incorporated Association, and secondly, we need to vote in a new
management committee for the 2010 financial year.

A full agenda will be circulated next week, however if you could please
indicate your ability to attend the AGM and also your willingness to
perhaps be involved with the running of JSCC by return email ASAP. That
is, if you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for a position
on the management team, please do so via email. Also ? if you are unable
to attend the AGM and wish to vote via proxy, please let us know as well.

Since JSCC started out, it has grown to a point where more formal
structure for management is required, which will be discussed at the AGM
in some detail.

You don?t need to have any formal experience and in reality we just need
some more people to provide assistance in organizing events and adding to
the website. Possible roles include, President, Vice President, Secretary,
Treasurer, Membership Officer, Webmaster, Web Editor(s), Event
Coordinator(s), Technical Advice Officer(s) and Procurement Officer.

If you are interested in details of these positions, or have any ideas on
how you could help improve JSCC please let us know and please try to join
us at the AGM to show your support and share your ideas. Please also RSVP
regarding whether or not you can attend. The meeting will start at 7:30pm
at CAMS NSW head office at 'Sports House' 6a Figtree Drive in Sydney
Olympic Park.

22-03-10, 08:59 PM

07-04-10, 02:25 PM
How did you guys go?

07-04-10, 02:35 PM
How did you guys go?

it was excellent Felix,

plenty of enthusiasm, and some more defined roles for the committee going forwards, which will allow better operational performances for our members...

we are thinking about putting on a display at Superlap - are you going to be there?

09-04-10, 11:05 PM
shenanigans had by all.

19-04-10, 01:01 PM
Dave, I'll be at the Superlap :)

I'll help take some photos for JSCC of course