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IS Motor Racing
25-03-10, 05:58 PM
Hello everyone:

I have received lots of Email about Japan order.
It seems that lots of people has same question about it, so i just list some common questions.

1. Can you get parts from Yahoo auction Japan?

Sorry we can't.
We don't sell 2nd hand parts, because we need to make sure the quality.
If you see any brand new parts in Yahoo auction, we can try to order it from the maker but not Yahoo seller. The reason for that is becasue when you get it from Yahoo, you already paid the Tax which you don't need to pay. And some times we can get the part in with better price.

2. Why it takes so long for order?

Once you pay the deposit, we will order the parts. It may take some time to arrive our Japan wearhouse. In addtion, some of the parts may need to take long becasue maker don't have stock or need customer order. So it not mean that if you order some parts at the last day of ordering, you can get it very soon. You may need to wait even longer because we only do our shipping every 6 weeks to reduce customers' shipping cost.

3. Why some times we charge more on same products than you buy from local shop.

When we order parts from Japan, they are tax free, but we need to pay the tax and GST when the parts arrived in Australia.
The price can be change becasue of the currency, and how many parts we get in every shipping. If you find some parts in other shop that cheaper than what we sell, you can contact us, and we will try to give you discount. But becasue some time currency is too low, we will suggest you get the parts from other seller.

If you have any other question about Japan, please feel free to contact us via phone, Email or PM, I will try to answer you ASAP.