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28-04-10, 10:21 PM
STOLEN ON 5/5/2010

Model: Honda CBR250RR
Year: 1999
Mileage: 33,xxx km
Rego: July 2010
Location: Sydney (near Hurstville)
Asking Price: stolen on 5/5/2010
Reason for sale: Upgrading
Contact Details: Hing - 0414 214 870 (call or sms)

Full log book and service history - rides smoothly and is trouble free as the previous owners and I have religiously maintained the bike and built up a comprehensive service log.

Condition - Apart from an aftermarket Yoshimura CF exhaust, the bike is stock and in its original condition. It has been meticulously looked after and is one of the best examples on the market. There is a slight crack in the rear fairing, a common problem found on CBR250RRs.

First registered in July 1999 - one of the last CBR250RR to hit the road anywhere in the world.

Australian delivered model - be confident the mileage is genuine and find the full history of the bike held by REVS. Unlike grey imports, Australian delivered bikes were not left to rust on Japanese docks while awaiting shipping.

Bike will come with original owner's manual and service log book.

Best LAMS approved sports bike for learners ? Newer learner 'sports' bikes tend to be slow 250cc twin bike disguised under fairings. There is no shortage of spare parts as the CBR250RR is most popular 4 cylinder 250cc bike.

Asking $6900 - Price is only negotiable after you have seen the bike. I know this is probably one of the more expensive CBR250RRs on the market but I don't think many are selling with original log book/documentations and in this condition.

When I was looking for a learner bike, I had the dilemma of having to choose between a faster CBR250RR that had a sketchy history or a newer fake sports bike for reliability. This bike was perfect for me as it was the best of both worlds. This is ideal for anyone who is willing to pay a bit more for perfection and a peace of mind that the bike will serve them reliably.

No test rides unless an amount is deposited to cover the cost of excess for insurance.





Not my house


Note: this image was taken when I first purchased the bike thus the mileage shown is not current. This picture is intended to show the condition of the instruments.

24-05-10, 11:40 PM
pm sent

25-05-10, 06:51 PM
Sorry guys, the sale is off as my bike got stolen a bit more than 2 weeks ago.

Even though I got my insurance pay-out, I am peeved that my bike which I have babied was stolen. It's a shame because I think the bike is in pretty unique condition as one of the last sold and still retains full log books with details of all previous owners. It has probably been dissected into pieces ready to be sold off. :(

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of this bike please let me know.

PS. The ad for the bike was only up for a bit more than a week and no one had come to look at the bike before it was stolen.

25-05-10, 11:27 PM
sorry to hear...

25-05-10, 11:33 PM
I've got a rough idea where abouts you live. Always be careful with your for sale photos, often people can track where you are in a suburb by the houses surrounding.

26-05-10, 04:45 PM
I've got a rough idea where abouts you live. Always be careful with your for sale photos, often people can track where you are in a suburb by the houses surrounding.

I doubt it cos the sales pics weren't taken at my house.

27-05-10, 02:38 PM
Any hints as to why it was taken ? Did u use a disc lock etc ? Sorry to hear !

27-05-10, 04:12 PM
Disc locks don't really do anything other to deter casual thieves. You can easily lift it off the front wheel and just wheel it into a van or something. Chaining it to a pole or something works a little better.

Bike theft is pretty common unfortunately :( I always do a lap around my neighbourhood, just incase someone is following me. I've caught several cars just tailing me aimlessly for a couple of minutes.

Insurance is the only effective safety measure when it comes to bike theft unfortunately.

27-05-10, 04:15 PM
WTF stolen?

farkk man, very nice bike...

sorry to hear. :(

27-05-10, 05:18 PM
thats what insurance is for

27-05-10, 05:44 PM
mate that bloody sucks it got pinched. when i used to own my cbr250rr i always had a fear of it getting stolen. thats why i always had a disc lock on it as minimum and tried not to leave it around places i knew werent safe....

ps. ill look out for it as im around the hurstville area as well, cause i know there are quite a few tri-colour cbr's riding around...

28-05-10, 10:32 AM
Thanks all.

I usually tuck the bike in a half metre gap on the side of my driveway so that my car pretty much blocks it from sight. It was nabbed when I took the car out to drop my gf home which only took 45mins.

Kinda makes you feel vulnerable when thieves move so swiftly and organised.

28-05-10, 02:22 PM
Too bad man! Hope it all gets sorted out with insurance.