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We are Motul official dealer

Please Contact us if the Motul fluids that you wanted are not on the list below. HAMP oil filter can be purchased from JDMyard .

Current stock list :

Motul 2100 Power Light SAE 10w - 40 ( 5 ltrs ) $50 incl gst pick up
Semi-synthetic, designed for use in current generation engines.Suitable for highway and stop/start driving. Synthetic base stock provides superior lubrication and high temperature performance required for modern engines

Motul 4100 Turbo Light SAE 10w - 40 ( 5 ltrs ) $60 incl gst pick up
MOTUL's best-selling engine oil in Europe, 4100 TURBO LIGHT 10W-40 is a multi-lubricant suitable for gas, diesel engines, leaded, unleaded and diesel oil and liquified gas. 4100 TURBOLIGHT improves cold-start-ups and protects the engine all year round. Semi-synthetic. Anti-deposit, anti-sludge, keeps engines clean. Ensures easier start-ups.

Motul 8100 X-max SAE 10w - 40 (5 ltrs) $70 incl gst pick up
100% Synthetic oil .Designed for use in new-generation engines (petrol, diesel, LPG, turbocharged, and direct injection) . Excellent start-up protection.Special anti-wear, anti-oxidation formulation prevents premature thickening and ageing due to thermal stress. Superior anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties

Motul 8100 X-cess SAE 5w - 40 (5 ltrs ) $77 incl gst pick up
8100 X-CESS 5W-40 is specially designed for the more recent and powerful cars. Featuring outstanding detergent dispersants properties, 100% synthetic

Motul 300V Power Racing SAE 5w - 30 ( 2 ltrs ) $58 incl gst pick up
New 300V series is racing lubricant for racing cars.MOTUL has developed “Double Ester Technology” for new 300V series, superior to complex ester that recognized the best base oil for engine oil up to now. Double Ester Technology, made by carefully balancing the ratio of complex ester and the newly developed macromolecular high polymer ester, enable base oil more wide-ranged, and delivers high output performance and superior reliability. 100% synthetic .

Motul Racing Brake Fluid 600 (0.5 ltr ) $36 incl gst pick up
100% synthetic, RBF 600 FACTORY LINE is a polyglycol-based brake fluid exclusively designed for races. Developed to resist high temperatures and wet-weather conditions, RBF 600 has a high dry boiling point of 312C and a wet boiling point of 216C. This ensures effective braking under extreme racing or rainy conditions. Couple this with its outstanding anti-vapor lock performance, RBF 600 has become a well-trusted brake fluid in many races.

Motul Dot 5.1 Brake fluid (0.5 ltr) $20 incl gst pick up
Non-silicone based, long life and 100% synthetic, DOT 5.1 BRAKE FLUID conforms to the highest standards in brake fluid performance. DOT 5.1 is specially designed for Anti-Locking Brake Systems (ABS). With a high dry boiling point of
270C and a high wet boiling point of 185C,
DOT 5.1 delivers the best brake performance.

Motul Motylgear 75w - 90 ( 1 ltr ) $25 incl gst pick up
This semi-synthetic gear lubricant is highly recommended for gearboxes and is developed to reduce friction around gears. It has exceptional fluidity at low temperature and is usable for all types of gearboxes and hypoid rear axles without limited slip system. Its high lubricating ability lowers friction and wear. MOTYLGEAR is stable even at high temperatures.

Motul Gear FF LSD type 2 75W - 90 (1 ltr ) $44 incl gst pick up
GEAR FF-LSD TYPE 2 75W-90 is a special designed for FF (Front-engine / Front- drive) type transmission with mechanical LSD (Limited Slip Differential) system cars. 100% synthetic with complex ester. Suitable for all transmission (synchronized or non–synchronized), 6-speed transmission, gearbox with differential, transfer gearbox and hypoid differentials with or without LSD.

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More items will be posted by tommorow

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New items listed!

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great prices !

know where i'm going for fluids on the next service

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1 x Motul 8100 X-cess SAE 5w - 40 SOLD
1 x Motul 2100 Power Light SAE 10w - 40 SOLD
2 x Motul Motylgear 75w - 90 SOLD