View Full Version : New on DVD - Porsche 935 Moby And The Warhorse Gang

30-06-10, 08:53 AM

Hi All,

A few years back we were the distributors for what is without doubt the best video production ever published about the Porsche 935.

Called "Porsche 935 - Moby And The Warhorse Gang", it is was written by Bruce Anderson (author of the 911 Performance Handbook and contributor to Excellence Magazine) and produced by video producer Dave Koehn.

It was only available on VHS video tape, and we sold out many many months ago.


The great news is that this outstanding production has now been digitally remastered and released on DVD, and is now available from The Tuners Group.

This DVD runs for a massive 3 hours and 45 minutes !

World renowned Porsche scribes Excellence Magazine said of this video production ...

"... there is little else in print or on video that will be more satisfying to 935 and turbocharged Porsche enthusiasts than Porsche 935: Moby and the Warhorse Gang."

You can find full specs on the cars, drivers and races featured in the video on our website, and there is also a preview video on our website too.

Click here for full info and a link to the preview video ...


- The Tuners Group